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Thread: EPIC A380

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    EPIC A380

    And now the fun starts!

    The EPIC A380 case mod is my introduction to modding. I am using my Xclio A380 tower and turning it into the ultimate AIR machine. 2x 250mm fans will push air throught the front as an acrylic splitter will direct the air over the CPU and graphics card. 6x 120mm Enermax "cluster" fans will serve as exhaust to keep air moving. If you want to know more visit my post under the general modding forum.

    So here it goes

    Day 1: Breakdown (not much progress today but its a start)

    Here is the case that my internals will be sitting in until the case is finished. Not pretty but cheap and effective. Just hacked a big hole in the side and used one of the old 250mm fans to keep things cool. Not done cleaning it up yet the fan is on crooked until I get my cordless drill back.

    Major components all disassembled

    Rivits..... Lots of them.....Ewwww

    Spidey wanted in on the action....

    Thanks for lookin!

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    EPIC A380

    Wooo HOO!!!!
    Watchin like a hawk!

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    EPIC A380

    Spidey wanted in on the action....
    LOL love the Spider support!

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    EPIC A380

    Thanks everyone for their support!

    Ok so here was the progress I made at about noon.

    Removed the cross members.

    And here is what distracted me!

    I got a "new" desk from my brother (one that will fit the Spider PC Cheapskate) So to make a long story short everything came out of my room and had to be rearranged.

    And to make room for my early 4 year anniversary gift!

    I also did a little shopping for modding supplies!

    Cutting the holes for the 120mm Fans after removing a lot of rivets to get the top panel off. The remaining mesh needs to be filled then the mounting holes re drilled.

    The top duct will overlap the hole but Ill work the top fins to follow the curve of the duct.

    Thats all for now, thanks for looking!

    Edit: A big thank you to mnpctech for sponsoring by build! More to come later.

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    EPIC A380

    Nice anniversary gift! Congrats.

    Do I see a sheet of extra Spider legs hanging on the wall there? lol

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    EPIC A380

    Looking great mate


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    EPIC A380

    Just got all the fans in the mail today! 6x Enermax "Cluster" 120mm fans and 2x 250mm fans. I need to wait for a warm day or a paint booth to paint but I have to wait for the rest of the components anyways so its all good!

    Not done with the surface prep yet but I couldn't resist a mock up.


    Had a little more idle time on my hands...

    I am using the rubber mounts that came with the Enermax fans and it is supprisingly quiet. Its no louder than the case I have with 1x 250mm and 1x 120mm. I am quite happy with the nose level. I know it will go up but Im happy with the noise levels.

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    EPIC A380

    looking sweet so far.

    gonna be watching for updates.

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    EPIC A380

    Just a quick update. It was great getting to meet MNPCTECH last night and see his studio. He is very nice guy and has an studio to make anyone jealous. We actually figured out we had both worked at the same company for a while and just never connected .

    A big thank you to MNPCTECH for sponsoring my project with some goodies! I can't wait to fire up the PC with the fighter pilot switches!

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    EPIC A380

    Bill is a great guy who not only supports our community, but actually participates!
    Those are a rare breed. I am envious that you actually got to meet him and visit the studio.

    Some day, I hope to visit, just to get the full effect.

    *build* *build* *build* *build* *build* *build*

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