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Thread: R2D2 Computer case mod

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    R2D2 Computer case mod

    I thought I would now join the forum and share one of my computer mods. I have been modding cases for a while now and have spent far to many hours in the workshop when I should probably be somewhere else. Anyway here is the link to the build blog,

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    R2D2 Computer case mod

    Cool mod buddy.

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    R2D2 Computer case mod

    Damn... sorry I missed this post. Excellent work, love the video at the end

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    R2D2 Computer case mod

    ha thats neat mate, like how its very much like the real thing!

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    R2D2 Computer case mod
    Here are the latest updates to my blogs with new builds added.

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    R2D2 Computer case mod

    wow ... very cool

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    R2D2 Computer case mod

    HAha that's awesome! The real R2 would be proud.

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