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Thread: Newbie Modding a Mac Pro...have CCFL question

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    Newbie Modding a Mac Pro...have CCFL question

    OK Guys,
    I am new to the whole case modding thing, but I just got a brand new Mac Pro and I am adding CCFL's to it. That's right I'm pimp'in a Mac. At any rate, here's my dilemma...I have 3 dual CCFL set ups on the computer. As I was plotting out my internal layout I realized all three CCFL inverters had a PCI slot "on/off" switch". How can I run the inverters in "series" (as opposed to seperately) so I don't have to have 3 seperate "on/off" switches on the back of my computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Newbie Modding a Mac Pro...have CCFL question

    just cut the wires that run to the switches (there should be one cable with two wires or maybe just two wires). connect all 3 pairs together and wire it into one of the original switches. Technically this would be running in parallel.

    It should be quite easy, just make sure you match all the wires in the same direction.

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    Newbie Modding a Mac Pro...have CCFL question

    / Yep!

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    Newbie Modding a Mac Pro...have CCFL question

    Make sure the switch you use is rated at handling such output, so that you dont burn out the switch.

    Also, if your using three, I saw on and a multi port CCFL inverter, big black looking think.. well, it obviously wont be big, but its all one unit, and you could put a switch on it, and control them all that way.

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