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Thread: nogig got a promotion!!!!!

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    nogig got a promotion!!!!!

    I am so happy i got a promotion at work, no more getting greasy dirty I will now be handling a computerized parts invoice system and using a very ancient dos program to track all sorts of pertinent trucking company data. I want to give thanks to everyone in the modding community at M-I and senior 98 for helping me along my journy from a compy noob till now, My computer knowledge is what got me this great step up in my career. Thanks to everyone here for helping me

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    nogig got a promotion!!!!!

    w00t Congrats nogig!

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    nogig got a promotion!!!!!

    Congrats nogig! Now you can get some more cash for comp stuff! haha

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    nogig got a promotion!!!!!

    Congrats............. :wink:

    Let me Guest........ AS400 system

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    nogig got a promotion!!!!!

    WAY TOO GO! Party at nogig's!

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    nogig got a promotion!!!!!


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    nogig got a promotion!!!!!

    thrasher was right it is AS 400 its called tmt transman and buddy its old.

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    nogig got a promotion!!!!!

    Congrats Nogs I'm happy and pleased for you buddy

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    nogig got a promotion!!!!!

    congrats man im glad your not a grease monkey anymore :lol:

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    nogig got a promotion!!!!!

    Congrats on the promo. I went to school and trained on the AS400, I hated the tape system that the school had for backing up everything. Hope all goes well for you. I got luck for this week-end, I'm camping and the campground is letting me use a computer so that I can check in on you people. The 400 will be guicker than the old Pentium 90mhz was. Again Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :idea:

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