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    This was my very first mod. I worked it and reworked it, as i figured out what i wanted to do and the best was to do it. I started with an old gateway case i picked up with a p3 system for about $30.

    After cutting up the side panel and making some changes to the cage, i was ready to paint. I knew i wanted to go red and black so i sprayed the cage with a flat black.

    Sanded and ready for another coat.

    After a lot of masking, taping, spraying, sanding, ect. The panels are almost ready.

    As panels went through this process i begin to wire up the feet. Four super bright red leds.

    The panels finished

    The motherboard and drive cage.

    I keep the stock heat sink, but modified it and replaced its fan with a 120mm one.

    Sprayed the mouse.

    Dvd drive door

    Built a front panel intake fan with red leds

    The red neon tube has a user control module witch needed to be changed so that it would fit in a floppy dive slot.

    The shots.....

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    Pretty good looking, I like your paint booth creation.

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    thanks man.........

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    Looks great!

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    Here is a vid of this build. Not a full blown work log how-to,nothing serious, just a vid. I throw it together with some files i had and some i found on an old phone. These vids are really grainy (phone cam) and for some reason reminded me of ufo footage. Anyway this vid is about 3 mins. Thanks for watching.


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