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Thread: Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Greetings, first let me shortly introduce myself, my name is Nahuel RodrÃ*guez, I'm from Argentine, 22 years old, myopic. My friends call me "gafas" because of my glasses.

    This new case is the evolution from my last project, the "Ioncito", an Ion powered, leather coated, watercooled mini ITX HTPC.

    Ioncito V1:

    The custom waterblock:

    This one will be my "green gaming rig", Atom 330 Ion + EVGA GT 240.

    So let's start with the structure, for this I'm using 15mm x 15mm x 1,5mm aluminum angles, and scrap alu sheets I got from a factory:

    Manual miter saw:

    First angle profile with some 45° cuts:

    Both profiles with mirror cuts:

    This cut is for curving the top bezel:

    And these are for the 90° angles:

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]


    Front and Top plates:

    Sanding + bondo to fix some scratchs and holes:

    2 component Epoxy

    My super caterpillar piston weight:

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Here you can see a size comparison between V1 and V2:

    They are both very small, V1 is: 295mm x 315mm x 160mm and V2 is 325mm x 325mm x 190mm.

    Back to the structure...

    A profile to close the frame:

    Copper ribbets to reinforce the structure:

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Angle reinforcement:

    Horizontal division, mother/rad/pump/res will go on top, PSU/HDDs bottom:

    Hinges for the sidepanels:

    Mothertray (this piece was the most injured, needed a lot of clay+sanding):

    Reinforcements + bondo... needs lots of sanding.

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    360° view with the mothertray fixed in place:

    Just a few more alu pieces before the structure it's all done:


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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Rad mount test:

    PSU plate done:

    Assembly test:

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    I've to get rid of all this useless cables:

    This is all I've done so far, right now I'm kinda stuck cause of I can't find a Laing DDC in the country, and of course lack of money (we all modders suffer this last thing :P)

    Next update, sidepanels (MDF + white leather)

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Nice work, man. Either my eyes are playing a trick on me, or your graphics card (well, what I think is a graphics card) is the same size as your mobo.

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Very nice... However, I don't think this really classifies as modding unless I somehow managed to miss the case you started with :P Not every day you see someone build a complete case from scratch.

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Well actually modding is all forms of creating a custom case for you PC. This a great example of what I call "out of the box" modding, which is where a good amount of mods are going towards.

    @ elgafas

    Great looking mod man! Please keep the updates coming!

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