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Thread: Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Thanks for your comments, this is a "build from scratch", it means building the case directly from materials instead of modding a commercial case.

    @Enamor84, yes sir they are both about the same size, mini ITX motherboard and a very short VGA.

    @Americanfreak , from now on you will get the "live" updates

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Here you can see the result of hours and hours of sanding and fixing scratchs and holes... smooth and rounded bezels/edges.

    I just love the effect of Enermax Cluster's white light on the hardware.

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    This is some *excellent* fabrication work! Very ingenious on the cutting to allow for a single piece top/front with a gentle curve as opposed to a joint/hard corner.

    There is some very inspirational work here, and the unit is shaping up to be a beauty!

    Are your metal parts powder coated matte black, or did you paint them? I'm thinking with all of hte bondo/putty work you did, that this is a paint job.

    Excellent work and use of materials.

    *thumbs up*


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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Thanks, I painted it with a spray can.

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Rad grill:

    Needs fileing and sanding.

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    i is some seriously insane and impressive work man.. well done.

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    decent work or what!!! looks super good mate, keep it up and i will be back

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Thanks guys, this week I'm going to work on the side panels, right now I'm designing them.

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Pump, Delphi DDC1A-VC:

    Blue led + Blue UV water:

    A few pics of the sidepanels while I lethercoated them:

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    Project: Ioncito v2.0 [Warning 56k]

    Some pics of the inside + the folds to hold the acrylic window.

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