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Thread: project n.v.g

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    project n.v.g

    Ok i started this mod a few months back. I had some problems with the paint on the panels and have been waiting for warmer weather to spray them again. This is an old no-name steel case. The front panel was plastic but was smashed into several pieces one day when it happened to come in contact with the ground.

    Rather than attempting to fix the front panel i decided to do away with it and take the mod from there.

    So far my mods have been themed around a color and for this one i chose green. i came up with some ideas for the front panel, and this case is about 65% finished, less some wiring and the above mentioned panels.

    As i consolidate my pics and progress on my build this work-log will be updated.

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    project n.v.g

    This is what i started with:

    Well i was aiming for some thing like that. The inner case is a marble green with with veins. At first i did the panels high gloss black with a mirror finish. But after melting part of the clear coat on one of the side panels i decided to respray them all and add a nice metal flake.

    The green marble paint is pretty straight forward process. First i cut a large hole in the front of the case. This hole is for the 120mm fan above. I sprayed the cage with flat black. This involved a couple coats and wet sanding. I used acrylic hand paints. I used a very small pice of nartural sea spoonge to apply a light green and a dark green to cover the flat black.

    The coats of green go on in coats with 2 to 3 days between coats. I actually didn't wet sand it again (other than to remove some of the really rough spots) until after the first coat of clear.

    After two weeks the marble was really starting to come together.

    But after adding the with vains and the clear coat, it was really looking good.

    Next its on to the panels and the case feet.

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    project n.v.g


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    project n.v.g

    this is looking extremly sexy.

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    project n.v.g

    very cool! the effect is awesome mate

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    project n.v.g

    ok so i got to work on the new front panel. Starting with the 120mm fan.

    More to come soon. I really just have too finish the panels, wire a few more leds, and collect some hardware to throw up in this thing. I just got a 500w psu and im getting ready to do some things with that.

    Thanks for the comments guys.......

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    project n.v.g

    that looks awesom mate, liking the eway the front is coming

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    project n.v.g

    You've done a nice job with the marble effect. It's a hard one to duplicate.

    I'll be watching.

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    project n.v.g

    I built a fan bus to controller to control the speed of the front intake fans. The bus has 3 fan connectors, a pentameter, knob, and a single power connector.

    Since this build has a very large window i want to be extra mindful with cleanness and wire sleeveing and stealthing. With the panels in place the fan bus will not be visible for the most part.
    Opposite of the fan knob I'm adding another knob to control some of the leds.

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    project n.v.g

    Here's what set me back the whole winter. Only a small porton of the top panel was damaged, but the side was really bad.

    Anyway it warmed up so i fixed that.

    And now things are coming along nicely..

    Screw covers.

    Screw covers in "action"

    And a preview of things to come.

    Im hoping to be finished with the panels in the next two weeks. Laid down a second coat of primer today, next the gloss, the flake, and then the clear.

    The begining of the led power bus.

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