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Thread: Just WOW!

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    Just WOW!

    I heard about this on 60 minutes, but didn't get to see it ..... a BOX you can hold in your hand that would power your house!

    13 minute 60 minute video here:

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    Just WOW!

    had to go to videos and choose BloomBox .... but wow is right that would be very cool.

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    Just WOW!

    here you go ...

    I think it does work, and will become commonplace ... we will see

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    Just WOW!

    Yeah I saw that last night. However, my one concern is the thing uses oxygen to create oxygen but no one will say how much oxygen it uses. I just hope we don't end up with an oxygen shortage when everyone has one :P

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    Just WOW!

    Love it if what he says comes true. I'd pay 3000 to be off the grid.

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    Just WOW!

    I saw the same presentation on CNet. While working at W.L. Gore & Assoc., Inc. I worked with some of the processes for fuel cell technology in development for two of the then major 3 U.S. automakers. Interestingly it does seem to be the future if and when the kinks get worked out.
    There are already several semi-different prototypes running test households in the New York state and Nevada areas that is about the size of a rerigerator.
    One of the biggest issues is the breakdown of materials (usually membranes) that are violently reacted to by the oxygen/nitrogen processing. Since much of the technology is extremely proprietary that's about all I can say.
    If this product does what it says and I hope it will, we could truly begin to remove ourselves from the slave grid we've become accustomed to.

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    Just WOW!

    Yeah that was the interesting part... $3000 seems like a really nice price if it works as well as they say it is going to. However, the $3000 price tag they mention for the consumer version seems to fall under the "too good to be true" category for me. Only time will tell.

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