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Thread: Wooden Radio HTPC Woody- COMPLETE!

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    Wooden Radio HTPC Woody- COMPLETE!

    This will be my third mod and the first mod I've done with my wife Shelly. We bought one of those vintage-looking stereos and plan on making it the new case for our home theater PC.

    Our plans for it, as of right now, include:

    -Gutting the electronics.
    -Cutting out the surface around where the turn table was.
    -Mount motherboard tray, hard drive cage, DVD drive riser and power button.
    -We plan on turning one of the radio dials into a fan controller. Thanks to "Enamor84" for giving me the idea (see my "Watchmen" case worklog on Modder's-Inc.)
    -The Blu-Ray drive should fit where the old CD player was.
    -We soon found out that the studs used to mount the speakers are a perfect fit for some 92mm case fans! We'll probably have to replace the screens that cover the speakers because they're too thick and won't allow for proper air-flow into the case. Fabric maybe?
    -Then paint the metal and re-finish the wood.

    So first, after we yanked out all of the electronic guts, we cut out a bigger hole in the top. This is so we'll have more room to work inside the case.

    Next thing will be to get and mount a motherboard tray before cutting the hole in the back for the PSU, I/O panel and PCI cards. I plan on getting these parts, along with the HDD cage and optical drive mount, from an old HP case I had lying around. The Blu-ray drive will be mounted underneath the motherboard, so the motherboard will have to be suspended about 3 inches off the base of the case. We think that Legos will do the trick.

    More later in the week...

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    Wooden Radio HTPC Woody- COMPLETE!

    Cool a modding family!

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    Wooden Radio HTPC Woody- COMPLETE!


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    Wooden Radio HTPC Woody- COMPLETE!

    that is just epic should be good to watch!

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    Wooden Radio HTPC Woody- COMPLETE!

    Looks like something slipperyskip would do

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    Wooden Radio HTPC Woody- COMPLETE!

    Cool. I had this same idea after watching american pickers the other night. Next build I'm planning on antique hunting for an actual deco wooden radio case- mount the board facing back-

    Good luck!

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    Wooden Radio HTPC Woody- COMPLETE!

    Looks like something slipperyskip would do
    We'll take that as a compliment. But I gotta say that slipperyskip is leagues above our skill level. He does some truly stunning work. If anyone out there hasn't seen his stuff, I strongly urge you to click the following link and check him out...

    As for this build, we have been working on it even though we haven't posted in a couple of weeks. We're almost ready to paint the metal parts. As soon as I finish this post, I'm heading out to the garage to crank up the dremel. We'll post more pics in the next few days.

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    Wooden Radio HTPC Woody- COMPLETE!

    The next step was to get the optical drive mounted. When it's all finished, we'll have a Blu-Ray drive installed, but for now this DVD-Rom drive is going to act as a stand-in. We had to cut out a groove in the wood so that the drive would fit and the tray could still open and close.

    Once that was done, we started on the speakers (fans). We removed the old covers and painted the "wooden" backs of the old covers black. Then Shelly covered them with some black plastic mesh.

    Next it's time to get the motherboard tray installed. I used the motherboard tray and various parts of the chassis from an old HP. I cut a hole in the back of the box to fit in the rear panel, and with that screwed in place, I riveted it to the motherboard tray. I also added a few supports.

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    Wooden Radio HTPC Woody- COMPLETE!

    So "Woody" is finally complete! Here's how it got there....

    After we got everything sanded and prepped for paint, it was time for one last test-fit before actually laying paint.

    While waiting for the paint to dry, it was time to start working on the front control panel. The idea was to keep it looking as "stealth" as possible. We thought it would be cooler if this thing didn't look like a PC at first glance.

    We installed a 92mm exhaust fan in the rear of the PC. This is a hi-RPM (ie. potentially loud) case fan, so we wanted to be able to turn it down as this is going to be a Home Theater PC. So, the volume knob on the front panel became the rear-fan controller. The other knob still turns the radio dial, but the radio no longer works.

    We also installed "Power On" and "Hard Drive activity" lights and the "Stop" button is now the power button (all of which were salvaged from the same HP that the chassis and mobo tray came from)....

    Painted the inner rim...

    ...and a marker on the volume knob/fan controller...

    Installed the two super-quiet 92mm Vantec Stealth fans in the front...

    Then the paint dried (1 coat of primer, 2 coats of black and a coat of gloss-clear) and it was time for assembly!

    The mounting screws for the hard drive cage...

    And the rest of the case...

    This was the old HTPC case... yuck!

    usher716/DSCF4804.jpg" alt="" />

    It took most of the day to fit in all the parts and do the wiring-up!

    In case you were wondering, here's the parts list:

    Some HP motherboard
    AMD Athlon X2 6000+ 3.0Ghz CPU
    4GB DDR2 RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS with Zalamn cooler
    160GB Hard dirve (the real storage in on our server)
    Blu-ray/DVD drive
    and of course, Windows 7 64bit

    All-in-all this was a really fun build. Probably my favorite so far. I'm very happy with the temps too. I wasn't sure how hot or cool a mostly wooden case would get, but the temps have dropped at least 10 degrees C below what they were in the old case! Now this can be used for gaming without the fear of a melt-down...

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    Wooden Radio HTPC Woody- COMPLETE!

    Looks great. Nice job!

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