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Thread: team x-turnal

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    team x-turnal

    Truth is i didn't like the looks of this.

    The connectors, on/off switch, and indicator light are are on the same side; the back. Then after prolonged use it becomes warm to the touch. Yet having back up of gigs of all types of data is hugely convenient so:

    This cheap toy solves my problems.

    The hd fits fine. I placed it too far forward at first and the engine block was stopping it from closing.

    The on/off switch im moving into the front grill.

    Locked the drive down.

    Starting the paint process. And doing some "engine" modding.

    Once the paint is finished I'll be adding two small fans and some leds.

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    team x-turnal

    Cool little external hard drive enclosure mod there. I like it

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    team x-turnal

    Now that's COOL!

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    team x-turnal

    the paint on this one went smooth, a few more days and it will be finished. Im going with a 250 gb drive, because that's the biggest ide drive i have. Next time im going sata.

    The plastic is orange, so i stayed with that. But got rid of the pin stirps, and added chrome flake.

    Here's the bottom intake fan.

    Between coats i think im going to wire the leds and fit and cut the "moon roof"

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    team x-turnal

    Just about finished with this one......

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    team x-turnal

    that is insane! nice work man nice

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    team x-turnal

    more pics (with spoiler).

    There is some light coming from the rig this car is sitting in this one.

    In a few weeks I'm a touch up a few spots and buff it out. I was thinking of under-lighting the "engine" fan . I need to get a pic up of the hd activity light witch is in the back of the car. The brake lights up red when active.

    I plan on doing a couple of these, since i have a few toy vehicles just waiting for a new life.

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    team x-turnal

    more pics

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    team x-turnal

    I'm guessing that's a 5v fan...where'd you get it at? All the 5v fans I've seen are like $20+....maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.

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    team x-turnal

    Supercool Swagga!!! And excellent attention to detail.

    A 70 GTO Judge SATA drive ahhhh !

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