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Thread: PAINT FREE HAF 932 HAF NAKED- *updated*

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    PAINT FREE HAF 932 HAF NAKED- *updated*

    ***4/13/2013 BROWSE to page 7- I moved servers and lost my earlier pics- Gone for good...***

    Well, this is post #1. Don't have pics available on this machine, but I'll give you a rundown

    PAINT FREE CoolerMaster HAF932 (Blue LED version) *It has been Christened "HAF Naked"

    Yep- paint free. None. Zip. Nada. The case has been stripped down and taken apart.

    Pieces have had their paint (or whatever that tough a$$ black coating is, lol) stripped.
    The parts have been sent to the PLATERS where they will either be plated in bright copper or a contrasting dark antique nickel (looks very dark with a purple iridescence.

    I have stripped down pieces pics, nothing from the platers yet- samples in about 1.5 weeks.
    Once plated, laquered to protect from oxidation, then over to my buddies custom bike shop for clear and buffing.

    This one is going to take awhile- I'm going somewhat steampunk with this one- metals and more metals- with some cool plans- I'll have to see if my grand plans can be done- some work in my head, but I'll need some help, for sure.

    Stay tuned... (btw this is my first PC mod, but I've been a part of some custom show bikes, so there may be some influence there...

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    PAINT FREE HAF 932 HAF NAKED- *updated*

    That sounds epic, can't wait for eye candy!!

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    PAINT FREE HAF 932 HAF NAKED- *updated*

    Man, I'm committed now- it's at the platers...

    I dropped a loaf @ the quote $700 just for the plating- OUCH.
    Figure the clearcoat and buff, and I'll have a grand in a bare case!

    I'll post some further specs with my starting pics by the end of the week

    Must... save... my... pennies...

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    PAINT FREE HAF 932 HAF NAKED- *updated*

    Sounds awesome man! Cant wait for some up some work in progress images :-)

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    PAINT FREE HAF 932 HAF NAKED- *updated*

    YEah bud.... plating aint cheap.... by any stretch!

    I am very much looking forward to this!

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    PAINT FREE HAF 932 HAF NAKED- *updated*

    YEah bud.... plating aint cheap.... by any stretch!

    I am very much looking forward to this!
    10-4 on go big or go home.

    So, here are some start pics...

    Here is the case (left)- unmolested and about an hour old before I got out the drill. Next to it is a NZXT I got for a build to help finance this rig. It had an i5-750, ATI 5870, 1.5tb, 500gig backup, 4 gig gskill, rosewill psu, gigabyte mb, zerotherm cooler. Took it up to 3.6ghz- temps great. Turned out very nice- and is pretty peppy. Flimsy compared to the coolermaster, though. Next to that, another customer Dell with a p4- what a pile:

    Here is the case after stripping the parts that had grey paint on them (stuff comes off like butter). FYI- That black coating is a bear- everyone I talked to said it was paint and not powdercoat, but I think they may be wrong- I couldn't touch it, a shop specializing in it couldn't get it, and sandblasting the fine screens wasn't happening- luckily I found out the plater can do it- so for those who want to strip the case of that stuff, a plater should be able to do it for you cheap- even if you don't end up plating it.

    I should have sample pics for each color from the platers by the 15th- if it looks good, 3 weeks or so more to finish the plating.

    I'll post up some of the other plans as I get a chance.

    Stay tuned...

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    PAINT FREE HAF 932 HAF NAKED- *updated*

    Interesting idea for sure. I be watching to see how this turns out.

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    PAINT FREE HAF 932 HAF NAKED- *updated*

    agreed ^^ very intresting my eye here

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    PAINT FREE HAF 932 HAF NAKED- *updated*

    I love this concept. I'll be watching for sure.

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    PAINT FREE HAF 932 HAF NAKED- *updated*

    Eureka! I found a donor for my liquid cooling reservoir. I'm so psyched. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with something suitable for a liquid cooling reservoir and I'm totally jacked to have found this, which I now have sitting in my workshop awaiting dismantling and gentle cleaning (I'm undecided on the patina)

    Any opinions? Authentic steampunk says leave it, but Some of the components are so intricate and beautiful (can't really see from the pic- even the thumb wheels look awesome, the knurling on the valves, etc) but hidden by the dark patina on some of it. Maybe a gentle cleaning (no buffing) will reveal the answer.

    Polishing it all up will look incredible, but...


    Anyway- here's the pic:

    In my plan, I intend to plumb all of the liquid cooling lines in copper with brass fittings, so this is a perfect compliment to that.

    By the way, it's an antique torch- no idea how it works (but the old guy says it DOES work- his fixed his gutters last spring with it, lol)

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