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Thread: new video series made by me

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    new video series made by me

    me and some friends got together to make the firs video in the random bloodgulch misfortunes series take a look plz and give me feedback.

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    new video series made by me

    Must say, it's not my cup of tea but it's different that for sure.

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    new video series made by me

    I like it alot, hopefully youll make a carrer out of video editing or something someday!

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    new video series made by me

    Very poetic dance there senior98

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    new video series made by me

    thanks dicksplash it kinda sucks but we are going to work on vol 2 to be much better

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    new video series made by me

    pretty cool. must of took a lot of time to get the footage.

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    new video series made by me

    well we started shooting for vol 2 last night and i'm just waking up. we shot over 4 hours of film and my poor hd is crying. today we will finish up and get the rest shot i will post finished video here thusday

    thanks all. and yes AF it was over 4 hours on the first one and i expect over 8 on this one thank god it doesnt take that much hd space or i would be screwed.

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    new video series made by me

    lol, i loved the bloopers when the hog went of the cliff and killed the dude in mid air. Was kinda like our video but with more people

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