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Thread: Can your forum/website be shut down because of what you say

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    Can your forum/website be shut down because of what you say

    SB is being sued in federal court for what some members said in posts ...

    ... This may have far reaching consequences

    Here is a short version of why ...

    My opinion .. So, someones careless, and causes injury and death ... they want to stifle discussion of it instead of doing the right thing ... apologizing, installing new equipment with safeguards, changing their operation, so that it can NEVER happen again :shakehead:

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    Can your forum/website be shut down because of what you say

    here it is, the suit complete with it's ridiculous verbiage (have to join)...

    free HTML version ...

    the Accidents and Incidents forums are pretty direct discussions, dissecting accidents so we can learn from them

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    Can your forum/website be shut down because of what you say

    While this isn't exactly unheard of, things like this definitely do suck for all those involved.

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    Can your forum/website be shut down because of what you say

    The thing is, seeing as it is in Federal Court, this could have far reaching consequences for all of your favorite forums.

    just because there might be no merit in the suit, does not mean you do not have to defend yourself, to the tune of thousands of dollars ... Thats not anything that's going to be in anyones budget

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    Can your forum/website be shut down because of what you say

    Word seems to be spreading, and so is interest ... ..

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    Can your forum/website be shut down because of what you say

    This is completely ridiculous. This supports exactly what I've said many times over that there are way too many lawyers. The fault though (IMO) goes directly to the judges who are willing to entertain these cases.
    It looked to me as though someone stated an opinion about how someone might have beeen treated were they based in a foreign country. Since I don't know that countries laws one can assume the statement may have been accurate in which case the libelous suite merits not even being heard. But for the sake of business, it may very well be tried anyhow.
    We've got the court systems as well as governments working towards the bleeding edge of PCism and trying to interprate every single word and nuance of a sentence and it's meaning which feeds this often times, worthless and ridiculous frenzy.
    And even if the statement weren't found to be true, a person could very well be stating an opinion which again by rights is public discussion and the Admin should not be held responsible. If it were a grossly exaggerated statement that directly led to harm to someone or a company's financial loss then that individual who posted the statement should be held accountable if it were in question.

    Sadly, this is another evolutionary part of the growth of the Internet that we get to witness firsthand. As DB stated, this could have very far reaching consequences that could lead to websites being shutdown permanently and people (site owners AND posters) being hauled in to court by every Tom, Dick and Harriet who wants money. Worse case scenario could be the sites demise and a fine with the possible inclusion of jail time, which seems to be the new protocol.

    This also wreaks of censorship especially for consumers. When you're screwed over or neglected by a company who you paid for a product or service from, you have two choices of recourse: 1) The court system which is nothing short of a mess or 2) The right to state your opinion as a customer and warn other potential consumers based on your experience, knowledge or facts. The ability to have that right is also whats at stake here which could effect us all, even on this website and in our daily lives.

    DB could you please post where a donation could be sent to? I'm living on unemployment for the time being but this is something that will effect all of us in one way or another. I would like to at least make a small donation to help this guy if it's ok with the site owner(s) here?

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    Can your forum/website be shut down because of what you say

    The first post and first link is with the info, and you dont have to (but thanks) that goes for all of you out there .. I'm not trolling for donations , it was to show what could, and did happen

    I don't think it's lawyers, or Judges .. each person has a right to sue someone, but I think that when it's all done with, the winner should recover costs ... however, one such incident involving an Internet site was won by that site, and even though they won it, and costs too ... they had to fold up because of the costs to it in the mean time

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    Can your forum/website be shut down because of what you say

    Interesting what a well known compressor manufacturer, BAUER, had to say in these releases ...


    ... ... particularly pages 2 - 5

    They both sound pretty telling ... I wonder if Gundi is suing them too?

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    Can your forum/website be shut down because of what you say

    It's irresponsible when corners are cut at the benefit of profit and the result is death and or injury of a human being.
    Working in some of the refineries, we regularly go under the mask in highly flammable, deadly poisonous gas and hydrochloric/sulfuric acid enviroments, sometimes several times in a day (4-6).
    To state the obvious, it's critical that the air be contaminate free. However, in all honesty much of the time we're completely reliant on the bottle filler as to the purity of the product. Each bottle is tested within an acceptable usage/time frame and the product (breathing air) tested regularly by the supplier. Some assurance but somewhat faith based (slightly) I'm afraid.
    Leaking hoses are unnacceptable under any circumstances and are immediately removed from service without question. A dedicated and trained person stands by just to monitor and switch bottle pressure when necessary or in the event of an accident. Other safety practices such as a 5 min. carry on bottle are also implemented by each person. The bottleman and standby safety personel wear 30 min. bottles.
    The system we use on a daily basis is very good and prevents a lot of what used to happen before there were rules and regulations (pre-unions, OSHA). For those who cry about government involvement and how it's made us non-competative with some countries, this is a perfect example of the alternative if industry had their way (1900's to 1960's).
    To the original posting, I still stand behind my earlier reply. Allowing people to freely communicate (about their experience) is our only legitimate recourse to bad products and neglectful customer service from companies that should know better. At the same time, it's the postees responsibility to discuss the facts and not simply throw out unsubstantiated allegations. From what I've read most if not all of what was posted is fact based and legitimate.

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    Can your forum/website be shut down because of what you say

    interesting comparing the breathing gas requirements ..
    CO tester? It's good that you don't have to, or feel a need to

    Many of those that posted to that thread with strong opinions were people that had dived with that company and had first hand bad experiences with them

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