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Thread: Local Anodising Service - Experiences

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    Local Anodising Service - Experiences

    Has anyone had any experience of using a service for anodising (anodizing) aluminium (aluminum) parts or cases?

    If so what are the costs like? And were the results good?

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    Local Anodising Service - Experiences

    Yes I have. When I did this case for Cooler Master I had everything on the inside powder coated (including the entire case body)plus the bottom rails, about 7 pieces total.

    It cost me $60 and took about 3 days. I got several estimates and they all came within $5 of each other.

    The outcome was better than I thought it would be :-)

    DUH, never mind wrong answer... after reading what you posted as the title....

    No I have not had anything anodized

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