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Thread: Everybody walk with dinosaurs

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    Everybody walk with dinosaurs

    This is COOL AS HELL!!!!!

    "“Walking With Dinosaurs” is a stage show by The Creature Production Company and BBC Worldwide based on the BBC mini-series of the same name. The show involves 10 large robotic dinosaurs (one of which is 36feet tall and 56 feet long) and at least 7 smaller dinosaurs. They’ve already toured the U.S., so you may be wondering why I’m mentioning this now. It’s because last week the baby T-Rex robot appeared on the “Mezamashi TV” morning show in Japan to promote the upcoming tour and scare the crap out of the hosts for our amusement. Baby T-Rex robot rules. "

    Check out the video here:

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    Everybody walk with dinosaurs

    We went to see it here ... It's a well done wonderful escape
    ... everyone that I told that we were thinking of going to see it said that they thought it was wonderful and worth seeing , they were right .. they move, the breathe in and out, the hydraulics are very high pressure and can give a rapid or subtle response as required ...

    Very Much Worth going to ..

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