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Thread: Sapphire Demo PC '06 Gallery

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    Sapphire Demo PC '06 Gallery

    This is a demo pc I made for Sapphire this year for E3. They are going to use it for several other events but it got beat to heck in shipping. I had to basically rebuild the whole thing. It's a bit scratched up but still not in too bad of shape. I took some nice glamour shots of it before I sent it to them over in the UK.

    If you want to check out the worklog its here in the worklog section.

    Basically what I had to do was remake the mobo tray out of aluminum. Somehow the plex one got broken in half. I also added these 1/4" plex PCI-E card support brackets. during shipping (especially overseas) the big heavy video cards just work themselves out and beat around inside like clothes in a dryer. Which of course if very bad. Everything is locked down and secured now so I am hoping this time it will make it to several events before someone drops the case.

    I added fragile to the shipping case. Hopefully that and my re-inforcements will keep it in line this time.

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    Sapphire Demo PC '06 Gallery

    I just cannot get over how beautiful that damn thing is!
    Great job on the rebuild and updated engineering!

    Is there a way to pull the cards and put them in a slim box that is also able to slide into the foam of that case?

    Cut out a box sized section of hte foam, slide the box in there, with the card inside the box.

    THat woul minimze the movement... but would require assembly on the other end, so maybe that would not work....

    Beautiful none the less!!

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    Sapphire Demo PC '06 Gallery

    Yeah, the whole reason for the lock and key is that the Booth people kept messing with the part inside. They of course are not competent enough to mess with hardware. So I have to make it so it can't be easily messed with.

    The PM for Sapphire Carsten is the only one who has the key. He is the only one who gets to mess with it. Hopefully you will never have to take anything apart but if you do those Acrylic brackets come off easily enough.

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    Sapphire Demo PC '06 Gallery

    sheldon... you are the god of Acrylic.

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    Sapphire Demo PC '06 Gallery

    Everytime I look at it I drool.

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