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Thread: Lian Li343b

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    Lian Li343b

    Hi all,time to start another build this will take a while but i will get there.
    My case is the Lian Li 343b a beast of a case but i like working on big cases.
    Rear panel to be cut out at the end of the month (slight change to this but not a lot)

    New front panel to be cut in acrylic and hopfully i can get the cut outs done so i can fit two of Bills black acrylic skull grills in there so there flush with the front panel
    got to order another grill and some round hole mesh

    Got my acrylic,stuffed it in for a quick fit

    Got my scroll saw out and did a few cuts,first one is for the top of the case

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    Lian Li343b

    Next the cut out for the rad on the m/board tray,made a bit of a boo boo with the cut out so to cover my boo boo im gonna stick another two fans there ops:

    Next the cut for the left side panel inside

    Stuffed it back in the case to see if it looked ok.

    Window needs a bit of work doing will get to that a bit later.

    Where i am at the mo

    Thanks for looking

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    Lian Li343b

    Not been on for a while, done a few bits to the case.
    Attacked the back of the case

    Got a peice of alu taped and ready to cut

    Cut and grills added

    Test fit


    Rear panel cut out

    I did cut one for the bays but will be changing this for a new idea

    Where i am at the mo,still got loads to do

    New ideas for the front ??

    Got some bits gotta to order some bits and waiting for some bits.
    Hope to do some work this week.

    Thanks for looking

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    Lian Li343b

    Small update,not much im afraid.
    Got some of my parts so i thought i would throw them in for a look before they get painted
    The Aquaybay front will be ghanged for the grilled version,will be ordering it soon.

    Hope to get some more done to the case over the weekend.
    Thanks for looking

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    Lian Li343b

    looks sweet mate!!

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    Lian Li343b

    Wow that thing is a beast! Very nice work on the acrylic too. I really like what you did with the inside of the case, even though you may not keep the white look it really stands out and highlights everything. Are the fan louvers custom made? If not where did you get them?

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    Lian Li343b

    I am REALLY diggin the white plexi for the inside of the case!

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    Lian Li343b

    Thanks for the replys all,its very much appreciated
    Sorry for the late reply been a bit busy.
    The skull grills i got from Bill at mnptech and the other fan grills i got from chilled pc.
    Thanks again.


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    Lian Li343b

    Sorry for the lack of updates build is going very slow at the mo
    Treated myself to a new desk for when the beast is finished,nothing posh bit of ikea stuff and some stain

    Done a bit more on the case,front panel bolted on these will be changed for black ones
    Still gotta do cutouts for grills

    Top also bolted on bolts will be changed for black ones also

    Side panel on for test dont look to bad,gotta get the window cut out and filled with clear acrylic

    Something like this so the window will be flush with the panel,but without the other bits beside it

    Thats where i am at the mo
    Thanks for looking

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    Lian Li343b

    Sorry for the lack of updates,build still slow at the mo.
    Got some bits and bobs
    Ram cooler and some blue LEDS to be fitted then painted white

    Couple of nice white LED fans

    11 more nice white LED fans

    And some fittings

    Grills and Aquatube

    Rad,fans and grills fitted

    Where i am at the mo

    Not brill not bad but im happy with it

    Thanks for looking

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