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Thread: Projekt : Spirale!

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    Projekt : Spirale!

    Hi modders-inc 's modders!

    Back with a little project made from wood for the first time.

    First of all I want to thanks my sponsor:

    I started with a wine box (nothing strange, I'm french...)

    For the socle I'll use this thing coming from an old Compaq server

    Plexi cut and bend to fit in the socle.

    Replacement of the wooden door by a plexi one

    First layer of black paint to have an idea of how it will look.
    The U joint along the white plexi come from



    # Chipset NVidia ION
    # Processeur intégré Intel Atom N330 (dual core, 1.6 GHz)
    # Mémoire 2 slots DIMM DDR2 667/800 max 4 Go
    # Chipset graphique intégré nVidia ION - Sorties DVI Dual-link (DHCP)/HDMI/VGA
    # 1x PCI Express 2.0 x16
    # 3 connecteurs SATA 3.0 Gb/s - 1 port e-SATA
    # Gigabit LAN
    # WiFi 802.11n/g/b intégré
    # HD Audio 8 canaux
    # Jusqu'Ã 10 ports USB 2.0
    # Format Mini ITX

    full specs

    and this is the size of the mobo in the case.

    To continue with the hardware:

    2 x 1 g G-skills pc6400
    HDD 2"5 320g data 7200 t/m
    PSU shuttle xpc 350 w
    DVD slim slot-in

    Some hardware arrived from the sponsor


    Cut for PSU and modo connexions

    Mobo mounting.....

    ... under the experimented eyes of my big operations' boss, Rocco

    back view

    cut for the DVD


    HDD mounting

    The following pics are just some ideas .... nothing definitive
    The little dude is printed on transparent sticker.
    The blue plexi is just held by "patafix" (really don't know the english word)

    thanks for reading! and see ya soon for the next episode

    ps: Hi DB :wink:

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    Projekt : Spirale!

    ALONSO!!!! YAY!!!!
    As usual, making something beautiful out of effectively nothing... inspiring. You never cease to impress! This looks great! Great to see you again!

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    Projekt : Spirale!

    Thanks !!!!
    As you said, I started from nothing , I arrived to nothing... but i 've done it myself!!! :mrgreen:
    This time (like every time) i go in "improvisation mode".... will see :mrgreen:

    ps: thanks for posting on, that's REALLY very cool :wink:

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    Projekt : Spirale!

    What a success!

    Draw on paper:

    white plexi cut:

    the plexi is bended and put in place just to see how he fits:

    cut for mobo and psu connexions:

    black paint again:

    see ya......

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    Projekt : Spirale!

    I like! Good to see you around the forums again Alonso!

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    Projekt : Spirale!

    thanks sheldog


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    Projekt : Spirale!

    Paris by night....

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    Projekt : Spirale!

    WOW now thats some impressive work

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    Projekt : Spirale!

    Very cool alonso and great way of salvaging and using some material that normally would have probably been tossed. Completely unique and yet very artistic too. Impressive!

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    Projekt : Spirale!

    Ok, to be completly honnest, the spiral doesn't come from tourmanted mind, and doesn't come from the logo of an old game console but.... from a very old T-shirt I have for years.

    We start with the side door, It's really intresting to think that any rectangle 27cm x 32cm x max 5mm can be use as a door. I'll check my local plexi dealer to see what they have...
    I've decided to cover the door with the same agenda cover, this one is without the "orange peel skin".

    For the top cut on a black shinny plexi and cut on the box for the USB.

    This peace of plexi will be inserted between the 2 USB and will be enlightened by a LED.

    For the power system I've found this part in my mess.

    For the top, an old crocodile skin will be used.

    The croco's skin is glued to the back covers.

    For delimiting the skin.

    these parts will be black painted.

    cover of the front top and USB wiring.


    r/images/new/108.jpg" alt="" />

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