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Thread: CPU Fan Cooling

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    CPU Fan Cooling

    Would it be wiser to have the CPU fan pulling the air away from the heat sink and then blowing it out or having the CPU fan pulling air from opposite side of heat sink and blowing on the CPU?

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    CPU Fan Cooling

    It's better to have the fan blow it down onto the board. Not sure of the science of this but it does work better.

    The tower heat pipe coolers fixed this delima by more efficiently blowing air across the heat sink and out of the case.

    What processor are you trying to cool?

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    CPU Fan Cooling

    AMD Phenom x4.

    Also, case fan question...I got new ones, and is there an easy way to thread them for screws? Using the screw to thread isn't giving me much luck and I don't think I have a proper screwdriver for this (harder I push --- the more striped the head gets, going from + to O).

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    CPU Fan Cooling

    The fan screws are self taping screws. There unfortunately are a couple of sizes although they don't list them that way. Just depends on where you get them. Sounds like you have the larger of the two. You could drill your fans out slightly to accept the bigger screws (keeping in mind that they do have to have some plastic to thread into) or try to find some of the smaller screws.

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    Using the screw to thread isn't giving me much luck and I don't think I have a proper screwdriver for this..

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    if you use a static pressure fan... into the heatsink, if a high rpm fan, then out of heatsink.

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    To understand it logically, you can simply go through the working of the CPU cooler which is like this -

    A CPU cooler is device designed to draw heat away from the system CPU and other components in the enclosure. Using a CPU cooler to lower CPU temperatures improves efficiency and stability of the system.
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