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Thread: Non conductive UV Paitnt?!?

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    Non conductive UV Paitnt?!?

    Wow! I was drooling over all the neeto mod parts.. you know.. the stuff that isnt needed for a computer... but are sweet to have never the less ^_^

    I found this UV spray at frozencpu... (great selection there, price wise they tend to be a tiny bit higher then others, or even the manufactures, but hey, least your saving by ordering from one place.)... This ClearNeon Brand UV spray apparently comes out in a fine mist, i would think like those new spray on sunblock.. not like a shake up style pain can... but... aside from apparently going on easy, it is supposed to be invisible when not under a black light.. being a clear coat... so when its under a black light, the color.. or image you managed to paint up, shows up.They have a demonstration image on the product page. Not only does this stuff sound like it performs as advertised, but apparently, its NON CONDUCTIVE. I read in one of their customer reviews that he sprayed it over one of his components, WHILE HIS PC WAS RUNNING. I have seen/heard of many people, i think it was here, asking about painting not only the insides of their case a certain color, but even painting their MoBo as well, asking about what kind of paints... is it safe... who can do it for them.. etc. Looking at the simplistic nature of these spray on neon paint.. It looks like a easy, simple, and highly outstanding DIY mod. Just think, if your going for a dual or tri color themed case...say black outside, then on the inside, paint your motherboard with one color, then the surrounding case area around it another... say Orange. Once you get your fancy UV lights going inside that case.. boom, nice bright color. I would think that would really make your windowed pc mod reeeealy flash nice and bright! And just think, you can illuminate the entire inside of your case potentially, without your case being a second desk lamp! LOL

    Anyone use this stuff?

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    Non conductive UV Paitnt?!?

    I have a the spray can and the regular type of it. The stuff sucks.

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