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Thread: Strip The Cellphone!

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    Strip The Cellphone!

    Hey Everyone. I need some advice on how to "Disect" a cellphone. I have an old Siemens C35i which I'm not using. I decided to take it apart and use the speaker for other stuff. But alas, when I opened the cover I discovered that the whole thing is just one big circuitboard. Now, I'm not much of a circuit expert, but won't the entire thing be busted if I were to cut some of those circuits?

    I dont need any keys other than the on/off key, the speaker and the simcard to be intact.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Strip The Cellphone!

    I used to have them laying around but over the years I gave them away to nieces and nephews as toys.

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    Strip The Cellphone!

    I think I have chucked all the ones I have every that dont work.

    My current phone I have had for about 4 yrs. When I go to the sprint store to see if there are any new ones I like and I show the saleperson its like I am showing them something they have never seen before. 8O

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