Today I saw one for the first time and touched it. Talk about goosebumps. Not only that but it's running and working. I saw an add on EBay for someone selling a Commodore poster (My first and second computers Vic-20, C64) so I contacted the person finding out they were only 3 miles from where I'm working part-time.
What I saw when I arrived was a history of vintage computers the likes I've never seen before.
There were large cabinet computers that I've seen on the History channel and TRS-80's, IBM II's, Commodore 64's, you name it. When the guy (Bill) saw my enthusiasm he pulled up one unit that was covered with a sheet and their to my amazement was a pristine and working Altaire 880a. I had only read about them and seen pictures of them and here was one running right in front of me.
Bill teaches a computer history class at the University of Delaware and also used to work for IBM.
My hope is to piece together a complete Commodore 64 or 64C unit with hard drive, datassette, monitor and whatever else I run across.
To actually see an Altaire that is in brand new condition blew me away. Especially the first series! It was like seeing the holy grail lol.

He's opening up a shop in Wilmington, DE and I plan to go back so when I do I'll get some pictures if you guys would like to see?