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Thread: Internal HDD docks

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    Internal HDD docks

    I've been trying to find some type of internal HDD dock that fits in the 5.25 drive bay and connects to a USB header. I don't know if anyone makes something like this or not though. I'm going to be modding a lot of Xbox HDD's so i'm trying to find something like it and preferably a SATA dock like this too.

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    Internal HDD docks

    I haven't seen anything like that (not that it doesn't exist) but you could take a SATA to USB adapter for say an external drive and mount it into a 5.25 drive bay carriage somehow but you'd have to use a 4 pin or double row connector (which you would figure out after you made your first one).
    I also don't know that you'll have enough power from the USB to be able to power the HDD to be honest. All the external HDD's to USB's I've used required an external power source.
    Sounds like it would be easier to use some type of USB card with at least one port and an external HDD.

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    Internal HDD docks

    I know that USB couldn't power it by itself. I would try to use the power connectors on the power supply to power it. I'm just tryin to find some way of being able to hot swap them. I was thinking maybe about taking a USB header and (if it's possible) convert the IDE cable to the USB header but I don't even know if that's possible.

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    Internal HDD docks

    Sorry about the double post but I kept looking on the net and I actually found one.

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    Internal HDD docks

    Good find! It didn't sound that complicated just more time consuming to have to build it yourself, at those prices though it's a time AND money saver.

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    Internal HDD docks

    I know newegg.. or was it tiger direct.. sells this USB cable thing..USB on one end, and IDE/SATA on the looks like its designed to be used outside the case but obviously is small enough to be used inside... Why do you need an internal HD that is hooked up via USB? Most Mobos support quite a bit of HD connections by default.. and you can always get a PCI card that adds even more....

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    Internal HDD docks

    He's going for hot swappable, so he doesn't need to reboot. He's cracking/modding some Xbox 360 hdd's.

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    Internal HDD docks

    Oooooh. Gotcha. Lol, now that i read it again it makes alot more sense now.. DETEDEEE

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