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Thread: Thermal Mod Level X

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    Thermal Mod Level X

    So I first decided to create this pc case when I was inspired by helpful videos on his YouTube channel especially (, ever since then I attempted to mod 3 cases fist just starting with adding a side window and couple fans, however now I decided to make a somewhat of a replica of the thermaltake level 10 computer case. I had to make some drastic changes to the appearance of the case compared to the original due to the fact that I didn’t have a metal break and I knew that using metal for the build was no longer an option, then I decided to experiment with laminated wood which has a very thin thickens compared to regular wood and is also easy to cut and work with. I first made a 3d drawing in AutoCAD and then I cut most of the pieces on a table saw. After that I covered all of those pieces with fiberglass to give it more strength after that I just used bondo to smooth the whole thing down... Right now i am trying to come up with a color scheme and some graphic designs, if you guys have and ideas please comment

    So i fiannly decide to make my very first Cd-Room Window Mod. i cut the hole out with a jigsaw since using a dremal wasnt reall helpfull. After i had the thing cut i just sanded down the edges.

    Next week i plan on painting the entire thing black, and putting some clear foil over the hole to make a window and also make the enclosure airtight.

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    Thermal Mod Level X

    You can check out all of my photos at

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    Thermal Mod Level X

    The Side door Timelapse

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    Thermal Mod Level X

    Steps i took to make the wood smooth
    1. Cover the part with Fiberglass Resin( you do not need the fiberglass matt for small areas. such as corners and what not)
    2. sand the resin with 60 grit sandpaper
    3. cover the part with "bondo short hair body filler"
    2. sand the filler with 60 grit sandpaper
    3. Apply regular Bondo Body Fillers
    4. Sand with a 60-100 grit sandpaper depanding on the texture and smoothenes of the filler.
    5. repeat steps 3-4 over and over again till you see no more imperfections

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    Thermal Mod Level X

    I plan on cutting a hole at the top of the cd rom cage, and modding the 1st cd rom to have a window in it so you would be able to see the cd spining from the top of the case.
    I found a good tutorial on how to make this possible check this out--

    Do you guys think this would be a good idea, since once i cut the hole there is no going back!?

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    Thermal Mod Level X

    Check out the how-to from one of our resident modders...

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    Thermal Mod Level X

    I got a new idea
    i plan on cuting hole on the side of the power supply so i would be able to see the inside of the power supply.

    Blue- opening( Blue Plexi Glass)
    Black- exterior frame
    Green- The only thing left there(Nvidia logo)

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    Thermal Mod Level X

    Because of the large area why not go with a color you haven't considered? Yellow. Brighter colors make things look bigger too. You may already be set on a black exterior but I think the lighter color would also show the detail in your work much better. My .02 fwiw.

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    Thermal Mod Level X

    black... trim it wit the dark blue and dark purples... it should really help any lexan you decide to throw on the front as a bright colored logo pop out better.

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    Thermal Mod Level X

    Hey whats up guys, i need help designing a logo that would reflect my case build to replace the Dell logo i have on my right panel. Any sugestions would be greatly apreciated. The diameter is 6"inches

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