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Thread: Workshop Evoloution

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    Workshop Evoloution

    Hey guys!

    This sorta started out as an idea one friday night..... and was pretty much done the following day.

    I'd always wanted a proper workshop monitor solution as well as a clean modern work area to mod on.

    the first part of the Tri-Mon mod was to just add it to the old workarea. Inturn the following week the work area and bench were also ...... modded!

    First thing was to crack 3 15" LCD's layem out and remove any unwanted bits.

    The feature part of this mod will be its channeled ad bolted plex frame.

    The 12mm thick plex is routed, the channel is for the LCD panels to sit in.

    To give the unit some strenght and a silghtly angled outer LCD's look the upper and lower frams are bent a bit.

    The upper and lower rails are drilled and countersunk for SS Hex heads.

    The ends are added and glued the whole frame is bolted together .

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    Workshop Evoloution

    while the glue dries, the LCD are given a lil touch or black to help hide the thin silver frames.

    after some drytime

    the unit can be bolted together...

    To wall mount the new tri-mon "G" brackets are cut from thick plex.

    The G brackets are bolted to a wall mount...

    and the New Tri-Mon can be attached.

    with some fancy bling blue lighting!

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    Workshop Evoloution

    I was happy with the new TriMon mod but not the worksapce

    Some sheets of 8mm thick Gloss white plex was going to fix this.

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    Workshop Evoloution

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    Workshop Evoloution

    The best thing is not only do i have a nice new workarea.. but a great place to compliment and workin in with photo shoots.

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    Workshop Evoloution

    Holy Moly!! That is sweet Defyant, nice work space and I bet it's helps to see being all white. I bet all parts stand out and are easily located when working in that area. So sweet and the monitor setup is fantastic. What kind of unit are you using to get all three units working with a different picture? I love your work area, I'm going to move my mother's car and do something like that to my work bench. Thanks for the idea. Again, Defyant, has struck the modding world. :idea:

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    Workshop Evoloution

    Awesome Defyant that is really impressive and thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Workshop Evoloution

    You have had the coolest paint shop .. now your workshop too ... outstanding

    I bet the white greatly helps the lightin in there while working too


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    Workshop Evoloution

    can I come over and play?

    it sure beats the heck out of mu outdoor back patio make shift work area.

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    Workshop Evoloution

    wow thats a nice setup you have there Defyant.

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