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Thread: did you remember to wipe the hard drive in your COPY MACHINE

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    did you remember to wipe the hard drive in your COPY MACHINE

    You remembered to erase the hard drive in your copy machine before you donated it right ? ... all the pictures and documents are there, what about those tax documents you copied? how about medical records? ... and how about the ones at your work ?? ... did they just scrap them ?????


    think of this the next time you have someplace copy something for you

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    did you remember to wipe the hard drive in your COPY MACHINE

    Excellent and informative posting DB!
    I knew there were hard drives in the copiers but I assumed the companies took care of wiping them. This further shows the irresponsibility of major companies to provide even the most basic of security measures for their customers.
    It's also something we as consumers, have absolutely no control over. If for whatever reason you have to deal with the police for some reason, you're in many instances, required by law to turn over certain information, same as with a hospital. But who controls the information? Who makes sure it's removed or destroyed beyond recovery?

    I still receive yearly letters from the DoD concerning several lost laptops that contain information about me and 7 million other Vets that have yet to be recovered 6 years later. The IRS was averaging from 12-17 lost laptops per year from 2004-2007. DoD, DoJ, CIA, FBI, CDC, NSA and NASA as well as other government agencies have all had similar issues that have still not been publicly reported but contain personal information on millions of Americans as well as International investigations and issues as well as extremely critical and sensitive data. This also doesn't include the laptops that parents bring home from work and allow there children use to download music, play games or chat with their friends that contain our personal information and records.
    It isn't difficult for me to easily drum up a few examples I've seen personally from Insurance brokers, CPA's, Police and others who've done these things. The worst part is even after you explain it to them, many refuse to change this practice.

    It's one thing to not be overly conscience about what you do on your own systems within your home (to a point) but it's another to refuse to be security conscious about other people's personal information. There's no excuse for it.

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    did you remember to wipe the hard drive in your COPY MACHINE

    So someone could get my old copier and make prints of Dewayne and Craig's rear ends? Doh!

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    did you remember to wipe the hard drive in your COPY MACHINE

    And sell them on craigslist since they wouldn't be copyright worthy lol.

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