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Thread: FOUND! LED control board.

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    FOUND! LED control board.

    Ok i swear I didnt see this last time I was looking around on but I have found a LED control board that "animates" your leds in a pulsing manner. I myself and a few others have asked around here if anyone knows of any boards that would allow you to create some lighting affects for their pc case.. and this would be one such product.

    This Control Board hooks up in place of your case's power led hookup, so that it can detect the status and activity of your pc, evidently changing the pace of its "pulsing" effect if your pc goes into standby.

    The demo video shows 6 LEDs hooked up to it, but i cant find anything saying what the limit is on the amount of leds it can control, but it does have a "back up" power connector, which looks like it supplies additional power to feed more LEDs while still controlling them.

    This pulsing effect seems the most common and desired effect, so this should work great for many people. Now I have something I can use to illuminate the window panel with an etched in image...if I find some business nearby that does laser etching ^__^

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    FOUND! LED control board.

    GREAT find!!! thanks

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    FOUND! LED control board.


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    FOUND! LED control board.

    Way cool find Shodan. I've been on their hundreds of times in the past few weeks and never saw that. Thanks very much for the link as well!

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    FOUND! LED control board.

    I wonder how many you can hook up with that.. Or if you can splice the connection from the mobo to power two control boards, and thus twice as many.

    Does anyone here know if Cold Cathods work well when put on rheos, as in when you adjust fan speeds by raising or lowering the power, can you control cold cathodes the same way, adjusting their brightness?

    I am wondering if there is a way to bring the pulsing effect to cathodes as well, rigging a controller in a similar manner hehehe. If not, there are plenty of LED sticks and what not that can help.

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    FOUND! LED control board.

    I'm not quite sure but I don't think CCFL's work well with rheos controllers? I know from a simple standpoint that if you use one of the new cold fluorescent bulbs on a standard household rheos controller, the controller gets very warm and the effect does work but not very well and I'm not sure about the long-term as in damage to the controller? You also get a high pitch noise similar but not as loud as EL wire lighting sometimes too.
    I think you need a certain amount of wattage to get the best effect from the lighting but it doesn't mean it can't be done, just some abnormalities I've noticed.
    Interested to see what others opinions or experiences are.

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    FOUND! LED control board.

    I use a simple rheo I bought from Radio Shack to hook up to the rig I use to power two fans I mount to my laptops power supply...(the brick) Since this laptop has been modded to have a more powerful graphics card, i needed a power supply from a higher end laptop of the same gernation is my dell inspiron... my laptop uses a 90w and I needed the 120 or 130w one that is normally used on the XPS laptop of the same model year....for some reason this brick overheats to the point of triggering a failsafe, and shutting down. To keep it cool and prevent this, I cut two square holes in the plastic shell and mounted two high speed 60mm fans to it.. wiring them to a 12v universal power adapter from radioshack as well... using one of those tiny plastic "hobby box"s to contain all the splicing, I have it rigged to a simple switch for ON/OFF as well as a knob to adjust the speed. When I have it slowing the speed of the fans, it gets hot to the touch.. and now it has alot of dead spots that cause the fans to shut off completely, so I think I may have melted some of the contact points on the rheo hehe... works and keeps my laptop from suddenly shutting off mid game... Dispite all this extra modding, I still havent gotten around to buying a new laptop battery... the only part dell desgined NOT to last.. it died on the 13th month... on a 12month warranty XD

    Should I post some pics and talk about this mod? You dont see laptop repairs and mods too often.

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