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    Maker Faire

    So some of you may recall a week or so ago I was asking about workshop ideas for a possible show. We'll I'm officially going to Maker Faire in San Mateo next weekend for Newegg. I'll be bringing the Black Dwarf and a few more mods - and putting on a few different workshops. It should be fun if I wasn't freaking out about it.

    Anybody else happen to be going?

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    Maker Faire

    Good luck and I know you can do it and you will get over any fear as some as you start off. If you know what you are talking about then it makes it easy to do. You might just find out that you do not have enough time to say and do everything. We have ran into the one both times now.

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    Maker Faire

    I would love to, but I've got midterms and stuff. Plus the 6-700 mile round trip just really isn't in the budget right now.

    Good luck! Make sure to set up at least one camera!

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    Maker Faire

    Oh MAN! I'm arriving in San Francisco on the 24th, CRAP! I would love to attend but I'll not be there until the day after it ends....


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    Maker Faire

    Hey guys, so newegg finally posted the video I made while I was there. Check it out and leave your comments-[/video]]

    You can see they are also thinking of sending someone else to do one for them, so you can send them a little proposal of what you would do to the e-mail they show.

    It was all a lot of fun, check out the the photo gallery as well -

    neweggs photo gallery

    You may notice a blue ribbon! lol.

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    Maker Faire

    great job! I love that they had the loose parts out so that people could see just how easy it can be to build your own system...

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