Hello everyone and I welcome you to my work log for the Modders-Inc.com Staff VS Staff Hot Rod Mod Off! You can follow me as I create a modded computer case from the Thermaltake Element S. Hopefully along the way you will see how fun and easy it can be to create a custom looking computer case.

Check out the first part of a two part series in CPU Magazine about the contest! Page 36-38

Here is the case that all of us will be using as the base of the computer case mod.

They stepped right up and gave us a lot to work with!

SpinQ CPU Cooler

TR2 RX 650w Power Supply

Element S Case

Our second sponsor for this contest is Crucial

2GB, Ballistix Tracer with LED's

The rules are as follows:

1- Each staff member will start off with the same case, the Thermaltake Element S - Read our Review.

2- The theme of the mod must be some sort of vehicle such as a car, truck, van, tractor, motorcycle, and etc.

3- Tools used are limited to basic or normal modding tools (scroll saw, jig saw, rotatory tool, pliers, hammers, and etc).

4- The majority of the painting of the case MUST be from a spray "rattle" can. We can use an airbrush but for minor details.

5- All work must be done by the modder. NO outsourcing of work will be allowed (painting, etching, powder coating, etc).

6- Money is limited to $150 out of our pocket.

7- We CAN use stuff that we already have lying around such as LED's, fans, lights and etc.

8- IF freebies from vendors are available each Staff case modder MUST get the same item or as close as possible.
Example: Fans, not everyone would want the same size, type or color but fans would be available to everyone.

9- There is a 3 month time limit, but that could change at anytime! 8O

10- This is a Staff VS Staff Contest Only