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Thread: Kai Lan Case Final Pics

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    Kai Lan Case Final Pics

    Hey Everybody, time for a new Boddaker build, and my first official log here on Modder's Inc! This one will be a quick scratch build for my daughter, who just turned three today.
    Her favorite show to watch these days is "Ni Hao Kai Lan" on Nickelodeon. So this case will be based on that.

    I will be building this case in very much the same way TiTON built his Hello Kitty case. In fact, he was the one who suggested it. So special thanks go to him for planting the seed and ultimately getting me back to modding lol!

    So first thing I did was make up the design in Illustrator. Then I got it cut out of 1/8" acrylic. Here is the top face panel. Each piece will be painted separately and put back together.

    Here's one of the middle pieces,

    and here's a shot of all eight middle pieces. If you looked at Ton's Hello Kitty mod, you get the idea of how this will go together. These pieces will be stacked and separated by spacers, basically making up the cavity where the components will go. Very simple.

    Unfortunately, upon receiving the 1/8" panels and mocking them up, it wasn't quite sturdy enough. So I found a piece of 1/4" and re-made the base piece. I just took the original and traced it onto the piece to be cut, then made a series of holes with the drill press and connected the dots with the scroll saw.


    ...and filed the edges down to the line.

    The finished base piece.

    Here's what I will be using for hardware:

    That's the Zotac motherboard I got from Mod of the Year, the 9300 mini ITX with wifi. I threw in an Intel 2.6ghz Celeron processor, and 2Gb Crucial memory. Nothing extreme here, since she won't be doing any heavy overclocking anytime soon lol.

    I also went with a Crucial SSD (for a good solid system drive that's durable and dead silent), and a slot-load dvd drive (for playing her movies and games). And as far as pico PSU's go, I found a great resource for ITX and car pc components: They got great prices and were awesome to deal with. I got my 150w pico psu and power brick combo the day after I ordered it. :thumb:

    Second update will show component placement, spacing and reinforcements. 'til next time!

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    Kai Lan Case Final Pics

    Awesome! My daughter used to watch this show ALL the time! I'll be watching this closely!

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    Kai Lan Case Final Pics

    Thanks Craig!

    So I did some preliminary assembly last night to determine where the components will go.

    After searching the local hardware store, I couldn't find suitable fasteners, so I went to McMaster-Carr and got 3" long black alan head screws and some black nylon acorn nuts. These will also double as the case feet, should I opt to lay the case flat on the table.

    I'm assembling the case upside down, starting with the top cover.

    Adding the center pieces...

    and got the bottom on.

    I think I'd like the DVD to be mounted facing the side.

    Peeking through the side slats, you can see the disc slot lines up with the spacing. No shimming needed.

    To conserve space, I will need to mount the dvd under the motherboard, using longer standoffs. But there's plenty of room on the left for the SSD, and even a few more drives should my daughter need more storage space in the future.

    I need to add some reinforcements due to the 1/8" thickness of the pieces. Especially around Kai Lan's shirt area and hair points. What I'll do is cut a bunch of 1/4" blocks to go in between the layers to beef it up. That'll be tonight's task.

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    Kai Lan Case Final Pics

    Are you going to leave the top clear or going to put her face on there? Maybe laser etch and LEDs?

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    Kai Lan Case Final Pics

    Are you going to leave the top clear or going to put her face on there? Maybe laser etch and LEDs?
    The top will be her face (see first pic in first post). I had each piece cut separately so it would be easy to paint (no masking! ;-) )

    Etching would be cool too though!

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    Kai Lan Case Final Pics

    Oh, pffft, when you had is assembled in your last post, I forgot about it and thought it was just a window.

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    Kai Lan Case Final Pics

    Oh, pffft, when you had is assembled in your last post, I forgot about it and thought it was just a window.
    No worries, you aren't totally incorrect, as I do have a solid piece for the top as well as the cut-outs. They will be glued onto the solid top piece when the time comes.

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    Kai Lan Case Final Pics

    So in order to make these 1/8" panels a bit more stout, I needed to support them in more areas than just the mounting holes where I added spacers. So instead of cutting a bunch more spacers to go in between each panel, I came up with something a little easier:

    First I bolted all the panels together and cut notches in various places around the inside.

    Then I cut some spacer pieces from some scrap acrylic that will fit into those notches.

    They go together like so:

    Here's all of them placed. You can also see more blocks piled up at the top. Those will go around the bottom where it is too thin to do my easier method.

    After assembling, I now have a solid center piece.

    I can lift the whole thing up and it keeps its shape pretty well (no, they're not all glued together yet lol).

    Today I'm making provisions for the power plug and the wifi antenna, since it won't fit inside the case. Maybe another update tonight!

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    Kai Lan Case Final Pics

    I actually got a lot done today! In this second update of the day, I'll cover the relocation of the wifi antenna, the mounting of the motherboard, and the DVD drive.

    So here's the wifi board that came with the mobo. It has usb connectivity, and a wireless antenna that screws onto it, but it won't fit inside the case. So it must be relocated to the outside of the case. Luckily, the antenna jack simply unscrews from its backplate.

    And it has a long enough cable to extend the jack over to the case side.

    Here's where I'm thinking the antenna will go. This way, it will work if the case is either standing up, or laying down. (Kai Lan might look a little funny with it sticking out of her head but oh well!)

    I drilled a hole into a small piece of 1/4" acrylic, then cut it out.

    Using the dremel, I routed out some material to make room for the nut & washer.

    Then I cut a couple more pieces of 1/8" acrylic for the sides,

    and after cutting into the lowest middle panel, I glued the pieces in.

    Here's the jack secured in place.

    And here's a wider shot with the antenna on. You'll notice here that I oriented the motherboard differently than how I had it before when I was first placing components. I originally thought the I/O panel should face downward towards the cable opening, but realized there wasn't enough room to plug in any usb cables. So I rotated it 90° and slid it over.

    With the wifi antenna done, I moved onto mounting the motherboard. Satisfied with its new position, I marked the holes, drilled, and tapped.

    I didn't have any extra long standoffs, so I combined them to get the necessary height to clear the dvd drive.

    Had to try a couple different lengths before finding the right combination. Now I could mount the dvd drive. I didn't take any pics of the bracket fabrication, but essentially it went like this: cut a piece of aluminum, bent it 90°, filed edges smooth, marked holes for drive, drilled holes, mounted to drive, drilled holes for base, set drive in place, marked holes on base, drilled holes on base, tapped holes on base. And that brings you up to this pic:

    Here's the bracket mounted to the base.
    .jpg" alt="" />

    Now here's the bracket mounted to the drive.

    And finally the drive and bracket mounted to the base.

    Here's the motherboard mounted to the base over the drive.

    And to round out the pic sequence, here's the motherboard mounted to the base over the drive with the sides.

    Next up is mounting the SSD and the power plug. Thanks for reading!

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    Kai Lan Case Final Pics

    I am really enjoying this build and like any modder you sometimes have to make adjustments to your ideas on the fly.

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