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Thread: CompUSA build

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    CompUSA build

    Locally we had a reprieve and a CompUSA store re-opened in a different location. What I loved about their stores was you could walk in and build almost any type of system you wanted right off of their "in store" stock.

    When the semi-local one (about 20 miles away) closed down in 2003 it was like losing a friend. No longer were we able to simply walk in and grab whatever we needed to get our rigs going again or to build that dream mod. No, we were relegated to a big blue and yellow box store with the initials BB that I despise with a passion.

    The newest one is much closer now (about half the distance) and they're actually carrying stock that is geared not only towards builders but semi-into the modding crowd.

    I got a call from a friend this morning who told me to stop into their store and see what the tech crew had planned and built over the last several weeks. I didn't know what to expect but I thought I'd just peruse in for a gander to check things out. From the first glance it wasn't much to look at, nice clean build, nothing fancy. Inside though it was much better than I could afford lol.
    Using a CoolerMaster HAF 932 case they assembled quite the machine. Apparently they'd been given free reign to build a system from any parts supplied in the store except the most expensive CPU. Using an Asus Rampage III motherboard and an Intel I7 processor they assembled a nice little kick ass machine. The also added dual ATI 5770 GPU's in Crossfire configuration and a WD 1TB HDD. They also added in a top of the line Sounblatser X-Fi soundcard and an Acer 23" touch screen monitor. Cooling was supplied by a nice 120mm red LED fan in the front and a Corsair Hydro H5O for the CPU and several 120mm exhaust fans in the back. The side intake featured a hugegantic 230mm black fan. Power was supplied by an Ultra X4 U12-40502 ATX12V & EPS12 Power Supply.

    Not a mod per say but it was really nice to walk into a store to see someone put that much time and effort into such a nice build. I would have liked to have seen at least the PSU sleeving custom done but of course that's an extra they don't carry. I mentioned it to one of the techs and told him it's about advertising what you do have, not what you don't have. Anything that draws attention and leaves people in awe or at least thinking, is what their store is all about (IMO) and is also what separates them from their nearby competitor, the blue and yellow box store. I may even mention it to one of the managers to see if a little mediocre modding could be done to spruce it up. Sadly, because of the state (DE) firecode, they aren't allowed to leave the side of the case off which to me is ridiculous so long as it is out of reach. My suggestion was orange UV sleeving and at least 4 CCFL UV tubes to go with the red LED front fan for some WOW factor. The cost of the build with labor included was about $3100 and some change. Personally, I'd have ditched the touch screen monitor because I'm not overly enthused with them or even amused by them and I think it would have dropped an easy $200+ off the cost.

    And even if it doesn't sell, it's still about letting customers see what IS possible beyond the realm and thinking out side the box. The Gamers Republic badge on the mobo as well as the lit diodes and lighted OC and reset buttons are nice touches as well.
    Not a mod per say but it does get people thinking. :wink:

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    CompUSA build

    Glad to see at least one came back. I know that CompUSA still had a couple Texas stores open the last time I checked, maybe they're expanding out your way again?

    I always liked going there because I could LOOK at the stuff I wanted to buy, though I could never afford to actually buy anything there (when you're working with less than $15/month online is hard to beat).

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    CompUSA build

    No pictures? :-)

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    CompUSA build

    It is great to come up with challenging stuff like the one they build and proving that anything is possible with the right input!! I've heard of the CompUSA store where you could build your own stuff without any problem! So it must have been a great feeling to see what the tech crew had put together with the free hand they were given! It must be really thrilling to be able to be able to come up with awesome stuff like this about which we can really be proud!!

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    CompUSA build

    To follow up on this I may talk with the manager (Manny) to see if he's ok with me taking pics in the store. I mean it's free advertising for them for perhaps someone in my area or at least exposure for them to someone who may not be in the area.

    I'll see about getting a Gb of shots for you all to look at .

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    CompUSA build

    Ok as requested I took quite a few pics of the store with Manny's permission and I'll be posting them later today if I get the chance. Right now I'm getting ready to head out on a laptop repair and clean-up job so after thats done and I get a bite to eat, I'll head back home and post the pics for you.

    Good timing also as they're setting up a new display idea for their motherboards and graphics cards that I really like a lot! You'll see it in the photos. This store is like my second home lol!

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    CompUSA build

    Look forward to seeing it!


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    CompUSA build

    As requested I bring to you the Wonderful World of CompUSA.
    Since the managers were kind enough to allow me to shoot some pictures inside their store without any hassles at all I would like to at least give them a free plug on here which they truly deserve. Honestly, these are some of the most helpful people I've ever met in the retail sector and they know their stuff!
    I would like to personally thank Manny and Mike (two of the managers) who really helped me with this posting and deserve all of the credit.

    106 Geoffrey Drive
    Newark, DE 19713
    Main Phone: 302-731-6000

    Hours of Operation
    Monday - Friday
    Sunday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
    9:00am - 10:00pm
    11:00am - 7:00pm

    This is the front of the store on a cold day in January located right off of Interstate I-95. This, I call my second home, since at least 3 of the greeters know me as soon as I walk in LOL. Yes, I spend too much time there but this for me is my church of salvation!

    Here is the view from inside the store at the front entrance. In the background the guy in the white shirt is Mike. (Hey Mike)! I have yet to ever spend anymore than 35-40 seconds in any of the checkout lines even during the holidays when they were super busy! And the checkout girls are all super cute too!!!

    From this point, a few steps back, you can get the overall size of the store and the amount of stock they have as well as variety. At the bottom of the pic you can see a few hard drives and then looking up you can see TVs and components.

    Same position as the previous photo but turned slightly to the left. More TVs, hard drives, composite and HDMI cables, as well as any video connection you could ever dream of.

    For me at least, this is my domain. In other words I spend inordinate and copious amounts of time in this aisle, every single visit. If they'd let me, I'd set up a cot here and just live! Ahhhh, graphics cards to the left of me, motherboards to the I am, stuck in the middle with you. I would have to say this is my favorite aisle and with the new display cases they just added on top for the GPU's and Mobos, it's like artwork .

    And for you Intel fanboys, I couldn't do a posting without a little salivating material for you! Here is the EVGA x58 3X SLI mobo in it's temporary home awaiting adoption from a modder!

    As if the x58 weren't enough for you, here is another Intel marvel that was just recently released I believe and features some incredible graphics!

    What you weren't impressed with the last motherboard? How about this one? The eyecandy factor is way high on the packaging for the Intel motherboards and even though I'm personally a fan of AMD stuff, I wouldn't deprive my bretheren from their moments of joy and fantasy.

    This aisle features just a few thousand of the networking, wifi and internet routers, adapters and hubs. To say the selection is excellent just doesn't do it justice. If you can't get connected in the Delaware, Maryland or Pennsylvania area to your ISP, it's either your ISP's fault or you haven't visited the store.

    Yes Virginia, there truly is a Hard Drive Heaven!! It's not for dead hard drives though, it's for the ones waiting to be taken home. Every size and configuration imaginable from 40Gb SATA and PATA to 2TB SATA and over 7 different manufacturers of SSD drives alone!! You also see a few of the hundreds of monitors they carry on the floor.

    I call this The Logitech Wall of Sound! Every possible speaker setup made by Logitech is here and not only that but they also carry Bose, Altec Lansing and every other possible speaker manufacturers setup for simple desktop sound to a true surround sound 7.1 system as well as MP3 player speakers, laptop and netbook speakers and surveillance camera systems that are affordable!

    Just a few thousand accessories too. Also a wall of software and more monitors and TVs than you can count! To the right and out of frame is another wall featuring backpacks for students and modders in every size and shape!

    This is the fortress of Microsoft mice. Everything from full on gaming to the casual user. Wired, wireless, laser and everything else.

    My personal favorite manufacturer. The kindom of the Logitech Mouse! Here you have every kind of mouse ever concieved and built to game, for personal use and business use!

    Ahh the creme de le creme. Almost a whole aisle of nothing but Logitech keyboards!!! This is always my last 15-20 minutes at the store and even though I've read about every type of keyboard they have, I still enjoy looking at the wide variety of features Logitech offers that many are still trying to copy today.

    On the opposite side of the same aisle (in the previous picture) is the Microsoft Keyboard section. Admittedly Microsoft does make some of the best keyboards around that truly seem to outlast many other brands and they have recently (in the last few years) even ventured into the gaming market with quite the offer for gamers. I definitely recommend checking out their latest offerings if your ever in the store.

    So you want a TV? How about choosing one of over 25 different sizes with everything from Plasma, LED, LCD, Hi Def, HDMI, 3D or even portables as small as 2.5"! This is sure to be the highlight of Delaware during the week preceeding the SuperBowl!!!

    My second favorite aisle at CompUSA. This is only a sampling of the over 30 different cases they sell. Everything from micro-ATX to Zotac to eATX cases. The day I took these pics, my friend Joe and I had recieved a notice that the NZXT Phantom cases had just been delivered. We made a beeline to the store and made it within several minutes. The stir of customers and staff around the case was truly incredible. Even some of the managers had the wow factor in their eyes and rightly so. The NZXT Phantom is a true work of art for any computer builder or modder!

    You need a cable do you? How about choosing any one of over 5,000 cables located in the store. HDMI, USB, SATA, Ethernet short, Ethernet in bulk, Cable wire, adapter connectors. I've even found connectors and cables I didn't know existed.

    External docks, external enclosures, storage for music, movies, you name it.

    Just some of the video cards they carry. On this day they were in the middle of re-doing the display so the aisle wasn't completely full as it always is. If there's a video card still made, they carry it! Ati, nVIDIA, diablotek, MSI, Diamond, HIS and every manufacturer under the sun.

    Motherboards? Yes, they carry a few. MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, Intel, Asrock, etc. They even have the Asus Crosshair IV and the EVGA x58 series. The new display case they have on top shows you almost every single type and brand they carry so you can plan your build around the visible connections and even the color of the boards!

    Now that you've built that kick butt omputer system you always dreamed of, you're going to need a healthy dose of killer RAM to run those heavy duty apps or zip through that new version of Crysis 2, or Duke Nukem. Try about 2,000 Gb on hand at any given time! From DDR1 to DDR3 and every speed you ever thought of.

    The awsome new GPU display! Here you can see for yourself exactly what your card looks like and you can even see the connection ports if you want to add 1, 2, 3 or even more monitors for that ultimate gaming system. need to run CAD or some other tremendous spreadsheet program? They've got the graphics card to fit your every need.

    Just a few of the many motherboards on display. CompUSA is still the only store in the area where you can walk in with cash/credit and walk out with the ultimate build. They even sell kits for a pretty low cost that allow you to build your whole computer from a pre-packaged set up saving you hundreds of dollars under maufacturers cost! How cool is that?

    Ok, being an Asus and AMD, fanboy I had to throw in at least one pic from my friends. I can't be neutral to everything .
    r />

    This is an incredible Ati Eyefinity display to show people what is possible from a single Ati card. No longer are you left to game off a single display. if you can have surround sound speakers why not surround sound visuals as well? This is even cooler to watch movies on and create your own theater system in a family room.

    And last but not least is the tech area. Here you can have your computer upgraded, repaired or even built by the tech staff at CompUSA. While they are my competition of sorts, they do have very knowledgable people who are trained and versed in everything from system repair to virus removal and security setups. These are also truly some of the nicest people I've ever met and they're helpful to everyone. My hats off to Manny for a great staff here and running a well oiled machine that knows there stuff!!!

    This is a sample of the CompUSA store in my area that I am ecstatic about. As I said, when the old store closed in the early 2000's it was seriously a loss to the people in this area. No longer where you able to walk in with nothing and walk out with any, and every component, you needed to build, upgrade or repair your system. Now thanks to TigerDirect and CompUSA, it's not only possible but a daily occurence that some of the best people I know are able to build some of the wickedly fast systems you see today in some of the magazines.
    In fact, this coming summer, the location of the next CompUSA in our area will re-open on Rt 202 near the Delaware/Pennsylvania line. Not at the exact same location but very nearby.

    My heartfelt thanks to Manny and Mike and all the staff at CompUSA for all of your help everyday whenever I walk through the doors or call. It's a treat and a pleasure to have this store and all of your work does not go unnoticed!

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    CompUSA build

    Now if they could just get snubsie in there from the web show Hak 5 !

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    CompUSA build

    Oh, man...I wish I had one of these close to me. There used to be one no more than 3 miles from me, it closed down and turned into something silly, can't remember what. Now all I have around here are Best Buys (lame) and a couple of local places with a very limited selection.

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