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    First Mod

    Hey guys this is my first mod, i have an old case, its actually pretty nice, its an old gateway, ill post pics later but im planning on putting a window in and some fans. does anyone have any easier modding ideas that i can try just to learn the ropes. i plan on using the Duplicolor Mirage painting system to make it look spiffy. any ideas?

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    First Mod

    To begin, takes a ride on this website:

    And to find a good idea to mod with this style of painting, the simplest is to not cover it all in DupliColor. but only a few visible parts or someting! Try to stay in the metal theme with this type of paint and you could add some pieces in plexiglass and aluminum. The painting certainly come out better...

    Good luck with your project. :wink:

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    First Mod

    thanks dude, i think im just going to go with a simple red and black theme, this will just be a ...sorta trial case, what im going to do is sort of like, i think his name is defiant....but what he did with the bondo, i want to do sort of a turbine fan in front, i took it all apart last night and took pics...i will start a work log soon...but it will be a learning experience (im only 16) i have my own work table and everything so i will start painting the chassis black soon. the wiring is not a problem because i can solder and all that good stuff, plus my dad is an electrical wizz so if i have issues he can help me. thanks for the help dude.

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