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Thread: Senior's Case (painted with pics)

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    Senior's Case (painted with pics)

    So today I was at Nogigs house and we decided to paint my case since it looked like it was chewed up and spit back out. Anyway we didn’t really have a theme for the case but it came out nice reguardless. Anyway on with the picage

    The painting supplies.

    First part of the case up to bat.

    All of the components done and drying

    Nogig hehe

    Main part of front bezel

    Phatty(me) reassembling the case

    Front bezel put back together

    OMG WTF BBQ SAUCE its done

    A very happy senior with a very nice case

    Crappy pic of it falling over

    That’s it IMHO it turned out pretty alright and hopefully people at Carolina Armageddon Wont laugh too much

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    Senior's Case (painted with pics)

    senior98 that is a nice colour blue you used and looks great.

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    Senior's Case (painted with pics)

    Looks great indeed . Good job !

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    Senior's Case (painted with pics)

    I too like the color of blue that you chose. It's quite similar to the case that I use for surfing and email. Keep up the good work and Happy Modding.

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    Senior's Case (painted with pics)

    thanks guys BUt the drives are soon to be black due to one of them dying on me because of the painting ( ) but it should still look good

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    Senior's Case (painted with pics)

    Well looks good... but if i had my tools my dell of doom would so kick that things ass ^_^

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