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Thread: My First Mod and Worklog

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    My First Mod and Worklog

    Hey guys, this is my first mod im 16 and i think this will be awesome, i have an older gateway case and i took it all apart last night (i took pics so dont fret) i will load them later...i am going to do a simple red and black theme, ill repaint (hopefully to a mirror shine and i want to do a front tturbine fan, using defyants method with bondo and pvc....we will see i wont actually build the PC hence a broke 16 year old haha but i think it will be a really awesome experiance. as i post pleas give me ideas and ...critiques oh and to upload a pic on here i have to use like a file hosting site and ctrl-v a link in correct? thanks guys

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    My First Mod and Worklog

    correct -- load it up on flickr/photobucket/whatever and then copy the direct image link and put it in [img]" alt=[/img] tags

    for example:

    (just remove the **)

    Glad to have you around, can't wait to see what you're going to do to that old case.

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    My First Mod and Worklog

    Thanks man! ill get them up tomorrow hopefully all goes well

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    My First Mod and Worklog

    wow its been raining like mad so i havnt had the chance to mod much, i got one piece painted and the other primed ill upload pics asap, its just been crazy with exams and stuff so ill get them on here eventually

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