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Thread: VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    Hi, all this is a log of my progress soo far, i have been posting on another site but i found this one and figured i could post here. So I am going to copy and paste what i have so far from the other site.

    I am going to be starting a new case mod.....correction first case mod ever for me and would like to post progess as well as recieve tips from all you pros. any input will be appreciated. just started painting today making the case all gloss black with neon blue accents to go with uv blue lighting here are some pics of the paint in progress

    O and the second color i actually mixed my self because i couldnt find anything close to it. i just painted on a bottle to see how they would clash here it is. this will be the two theme colors

    Just got the special blue paint i had mixed, i figured i would show you how it looked so far. all i have done is paint the inside of the cowling and edge the antec cutout to make i pop a little bit here are the pics.

    here are some pics of my setup/situation

    First up is the "Console of Glutony" freshly painted, this is where my key board and mouse go when im playing on the plasma.

    I made this console using the science lab table tops made out of hard (i mean very hard) compressed plastic, the kind you would find in an biology classroom, or labratory

    Next up is the button panel i edged around the button holes just like i did the antec logo. i still need to finish though (few rough edges)

    So now i guess i can show where the "Console of Glutony" and my skeleton (still working on proper title for her) are going to call home

    THe skeleton is going to replace this POS sitting in here. notice the led's above that light the enertainment center, might replace the led with a ccfl for he skelly

    and here are some more random pics (for all those visual people like me)

    plan to use the uv spray on all the parts as well

    *EDIT* in case you were wondering the TV is a 58" Samsung pn58b650 along with a yamaha htr-5930 5.1 dts dd reciever, yes i watch a lot of movies (mkv's) from the pirate bay on there in full 720p DTS 5.1 @ 1509kbps, and yes it yes lovley. but it will be much better watching real blu-rays from he skelly once i get her done. O and games are run at 1080p watch the movies in 720p cuz i cant tell the difference because the mkv rippers on tpb have a very low bitrate, i guess other people dont like to dl 43Gig movies, me i dont mind.

    Trying my hand at some cable managment tonight with limited success. I got some some wire heatshrink from autozone yesterday that matched my color almost perfectly so i figured i would give i a shot. worked ok for the smaller mobo connections bu couldnt get it around the blocks on the ends of the usb e-sata and others, so have to find alternitives for those. also painted the edges of the connections for he buton panel heres some pics.

    here are some pics of the power and reset buttons with the wire heatshrink

    and thats all i got for now, if you look close enough you can tell where i painted one of the wires, he he got a little carried away with the ligher! lol. that reminds me if any of you decide to do this.....use a heatgun!!! it will save your fingers and save you from painting the wires! loo

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    Looks like a great start! Absolutely love the theatre setup.

    Do you use the console of gluttony from the floor or do you sit on a couch/chair?

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    it depends i was playing on he floor last night with one of those big pillows wih the arms, but couldnt hear my rear speakers that great, i chalk that up to why i sucked at mw2 last night. and i cant get far enough back o see my map in my periphial vison so im moving back on the couch tonight! i made the table just wide enough so that the legs would fit in between the cushions. thanks

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    Great color combos Reu. Really stands out and nice accenting too. Gaming on a 58", now that's wickedly cool!

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    to be honest is kinda hard because my mini map and ammo count and things like that i have to move my eyes to see it is not in my periphial vision like it is on a smaller screen. but it sure does look nice

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    I finally found some sleeving its in the uk and expensive as **** but the cables jus gota match, will be ordering the sleeving, power supply and uv paint next week so you all can see some progress heres the links for the product i intend to order

    Power supply-
    UV paint-

    also going to get a blacklight so i can paint the uv more efficiently.

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    to be honest is kinda hard because my mini map and ammo count and things like that i have to move my eyes to see it is not in my periphial vision like it is on a smaller screen. but it sure does look nice
    Y'know, if you played hardcore, you wouldn't have that problem.

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    you are correct i have just been playing mw2 a litle cuz im hooked on bfbc2, forgot about hardcore mode gonna jump on hat tonight! thanks

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

    Very Cool! Not very often do you see one go the extreme of modding their entrainment center.

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    sorry no progress guys, i keep messing up the paint. on a lighter note the sleeving and power supply should be here next week, i think that will be a lttle harder for me to mess up so until then pray to the paint gods for me will ya!?!?

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