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Thread: VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    I got it sh4kbyt3!!!

    well guys it feels like i officially have arthritis, but i have some progress for ya!!!!!

    sorry bout the lighting, its late and im too tired to go get new bateries!

    hope you like it, cause' i sure do!

    P.S. I finally got the pins out by using staples then jamming what was left of my mdpc tool behind them!

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    im going to finish the psu this weekend, and should get the rest of the parts next week and install everything, but will have a lot of minor mods to deal with after that like getting the last row of the 24 pin connector to loop from the bottom of the case over the front button/connection panel to the mobo. also the blu-ray drive will get a new front plate with the voodoo logo and leds. and many leds to replace.

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    oh wow that is brilliant! what a smart job you have pulled of mate

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    oh wow that is brilliant! what a smart job you have pulled of mate
    thank you

    Fianlly got all of the included wires sleeved just need to get some more sleeve to get the modular wires.

    here is everything so far minus the heatsink and arches that were painted black, should get mobo, vga, cpu, and ram next week to at least get everything in the case. but far from done

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    Ok guys got a couple parts today so i thought i would show you, the rest are coming towards the end of the week so bear? with me please.

    Here is he mother board
    Asus P6X58D Premium

    And also the SSD
    RiDATA X Series NSSD-X25-128

    tomorrow i get my vid card, the card might surprise you at first!!!

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    got my video card!!!

    dont worry it wont stay red for long!!!!

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    got a couple of photos for you guys, sorry i didnt get the ram and cpu by themselves but i just got all giddy!!! lol

    man this video card is sexy, this is the top of it, matches well huh??

    bad lighting but thats all you get until i can play!!!

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    VOoDOo antec skeleton mod

    i got her all nkaed, so iguess you know what that im not going to make love to her im going to paint her!!! lol

    we will see what the paint gods have in store for me tomorrow!

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