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Thread: Today was a good day.

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    Today was a good day.

    Well i got some news today that made me happy to the point of screaming (not really but its still damn cool) anyway as you all know Assassin from modders-inc and the old cmg well we are going to be bunking together for 2 weeks because he is tired of north carolina and wants a vacation i guess. so we set a date for jul 8th 12 days away (woot) and he is going to come down with his rig. but wait the good news isnt over. Me and mr assassin will be attending carolina armegeddon ( on july friday july 21st at 6 pm through saturday july 22nd 9 pm. And wait theres more im not sure if you guys remember dataznboi4201 from old cmg but he will be joining us at the LAN which will be all the better. Anyhoos i just thought i would share the most awesome news with people on the most awesome website. Whew! anyway we will have a video documentary of the lan and also ass loads of pics well thats about it i guess i have to clean house for the next week and a half or i want be going anywhere anyway guys have a nice day.

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    Today was a good day.

    senior98 where do you live in the carolinas? I been wanting to go a carolina armegeddon lan for awhile but have not made it yet.

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    Today was a good day.

    That's great news senior98 and I hope that your get together is fun and you have a blast with the time you spend with mates.

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    Today was a good day.

    Nova i am located in Walterboro south carolina and the Lan in in pineville north carolina (precisely 3 and a half hour drive if we only make a couple of rest stops) anyway im pretty psyced about all this and still need to clean or the parent wont be taking me anywhere (damn i wish i had my liscense) oh well we are gonna be putting some miles on the car since Assassin is located in hope mills north carolina and thats a 4 hour drive and then the 4 hour drive home anyway should be fun toodles im off to clean ground zero (aka seniors room)

    yes thats my room as of 3 months ago when i was cleaning it out looks much nicer now i have way to mush sh!* for my own good. lol count all the computer parts.

    EDIT: wtf theres a broken window in the closet 8O

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    Today was a good day.

    TOO COOL! I hope you guys have a great time and pimp!

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    Today was a good day.

    Sweet! I will be in N.Carolina mid July for a week! Be there on a family vacation!

    Enjoy your time with friends! Dont take it for granted!

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    Today was a good day.

    haha, news gets better for me as well, in addition to going down there i just had my bday a few days ago and i got some $$$ from it which i'll use to buy an nice little asrock 939 mobo which has agp and pci e on it along with a 3200 venice for only 142! and senior is givin me his 9800pro. So i'll be set for the lan so i can go school some people in fear

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    Today was a good day.

    yup should be hella fun now that i got my room all spic and span (sorta) only 6 more days wewt

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    Today was a good day.

    Awesome ! Have fun with at the lan . Wish there where large LANS around here :P. I have one in my basement though so it's all good :P!

    Have fun~


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    Today was a good day.

    Yeah lol the only big lan around here that I know of is fragapalooza, But me and a bunch of guys usually just have our own lans anyways

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