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Thread: Printer Cartridge turn into PC

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    Printer Cartridge turn into PC

    First I just wanted to say I made this coz i just got bored and wanting to build PC in a weird casing.
    Also I worked for this company so I decided to put their logo in it hopefully you guys will like this.
    BTW its an HP 42x laser cartridge made some modification and sorry i didn't take pictures while working on it
    all I have is the finished material.

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    Printer Cartridge turn into PC

    LOL pretty cool. I love Cartridge World!

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    Printer Cartridge turn into PC

    Wow, you really must be a genius to come up with something this original!! I've never seen anything like it and it must have taken some imagination to turn that cartridge case into a computer!! It really looks cool and I am sure that you must be really product of your product and must be a real show piece!! How long did it take to make that PC?? I am sure there must be a lot of admirers for your new product!!

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