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Thread: Project Metal Panels v3 (New Mod)

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    Project Metal Panels v3 (New Mod)

    Hello every one here i come with new mods the work in a PC case with the idea that i get it from the airbrush tricks videos i will show off the work with the case hope you all like it for more info go to

    this the case i am working with Ultra M923 ATX Black Full Tower Case

    first i take the front of the case out and i take every thing out and i just left the frame

    here i add fabric

    i was going to make it with fiberglass but i don't have the place to work in

    after any time of sanding and falling it with auto faller

    i paint it to black

    this from in side

    after i add the 3 fans into the front i pant them from black to gray

    come back for more pic will be add thanks for looking

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    Project Metal Panels v3 (New Mod)

    hello you are right and thanks for looking i have done a lot of of work on it here some update

    i add the rope in all of the case after painting it with gray

    after i take the rope out i work with the airbrush adding the black line that rope left

    more pic will be add with add the affect thanks for looking

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    Project Metal Panels v3 (New Mod)

    hello every one i am back after long time to complete this mod and here i start with the cd rom front

    here the work with the side panel

    here after adding the nail effect

    the other side

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    Project Metal Panels v3 (New Mod)

    back today work on a GTX260 back plat or the case of the video card

    i will do the same thing as i did to the case

    i find a nvidia logo or the geforce under the evga sticker

    after i add the wires i paint the cover with a gray

    add the same effect to the cover

    don't forget to visit our site at

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