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Thread: Projekt Aurora

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    Projekt Aurora

    Hi and hallo to modders here.

    I make a modd to. But there are 2 problems. First i am a German so my is not realy fantastic. Thats why I say sorry for the many errors in my letters.

    So this is my Projekt; I called it Aurora because the light in the case should be like a Aurora.

    I use folowing Hardware.

    AMD 965 CPU in C 3 stepping
    The Motherboard is a AsRock 890 Deluxe 3
    The Graphigcard is a Saphire 5850 now.
    Ram come von G.Skill. and is called Ripjaws.
    as a HDD i use a 500 GB WD and a 320 GB notebook HDD from my older Projekt (My Mod book)
    Power comes from a beQuit with 520 W
    The CPU cooler is a Scyte Katana 3. From Scyte comes my Fan Control and some Fans to.
    As Case I use a Midgart case wich was realy cheaper. God because after my work you cant see many from the orginal case.

    Why this Hardware ?
    I will show that you can play with a cheap system like a expansive system. And this system shuld be an unique

    What I have done ?
    The system is now 3 Weeks here. But 1 week I make Holydays and in a half week I haven´t a CPU. (Why later)
    1. Assembly
    2. Test <-- here I see that the first CPU a 955 isn´t so god for OC. This part has only make 3,6 GHz Prime stable. Thatswhy I order a new 965 and now I can use it over 4 Ghz.
    3. I build the light in the case. This are 4 Cold light cathode and 2 Leds in green and one LED spot in Blue.
    4. I build the switches for the light in a new position in the Case. Ther they dont disturbe the Picture.
    5. I make the HDD, Fans,Drives noiser with a special insulation designd by me.
    6. I ovr clocked the Graphigcard and the CPU. Ther i see that i need a other Graphigcard because with the Saphire I cant change the Volltage. So I like to order next Week a Asus card with this I can change the Voltage.
    7. I make a place free for a 92mm Fan in the front
    8. I remote the Dust Filter because it was not god and useles.
    9. The Airflow is better designed in the case.

    What I will make ?
    1. On the right Side or at the top comes a Display for System informations and Pictures.
    2. A Window comes in the left side
    3. about the cable I make a acrylic glass plate in Black. Behint of them are the cable and a Flexlight in Blue.
    4. Insert the case comes a Water cooling
    5. a Physiks card will comes and stay if it work god.
    6. a Pattern comes of the case.
    7. a seperatly start switch for Linux will be come.
    8. a light picture comes to
    9. in the front comes a port for my other HDDs
    10 more light
    11. Underbody lighting comes to
    and many more

    How I can insert pictures here ? If i found it I will post many Pictures.

    In between time I must show you the Pictures with a Link to a German side.

    Web Page Name

    Questions ? Ask !!!

    At this place Nobody say thanks to Aquatuning and Phobya for the very good Watercolling wich is a perfekt way to cool your PC.Aquatuning

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    Projekt Aurora

    Looks great! And the forum that you link to looks to be the same forum software as what we are running here.

    typically, if you surround the html link to the image (for example is a direct link to a picture) with [img] at the beginning, and [/img] at the end... that will embed the picture in the post.

    so, using the info above, to make my picture appear here, I use the following:

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    Projekt Aurora

    Ok thank you for the help i will test it now in this part. If it work on my Display i will post the pics here to. But in the other Forum i have for pics a seperatly switch. With this it is very simple to upload pictures.

    And I make a update now. The saphire 5850 goes back to the Dealer. For it comes a GTX 470. Now you say the Board can not Sli ? You say Nobody like to haf 2 Graphikcards ? Right and Wrong. I like to have 2 cards. And the board can´t SLI only CF. But I have found a Forum in wich is described how you can use Sli with each chipset. So I buy now a GTX 470 and later a secand card.
    This is testet to with my chipset (890 FX).
    Maybe comes now the 470 under water to.
    I hope all here understand what I write

    Sorry I can´t upload my pics hre in this Forum. ops:

    I am locking for a solution in the Forum help...

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    Projekt Aurora

    This forum does not "host" the pictures, so "uploading" your pictures here is not allowed. If you upload your pictures to photobucket or some other picture hosting site, you will have a html link that is created to your upload.

    That link is what I am referencing above.

    Looking at their forum on your link, they allow "attachment" of graphics, and that makes them the host for your image. That type of graphic is not done here. You have to have your image file out on the internet hosted up somewhere, so that it can be referenced and displayed.

    Sorry, hope this helps!

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    Projekt Aurora

    I see.... ok than I go a Other way. I send here only Links of the Pictures from the other sites where are the pictures.

    now after I have chose a new Grafigcard I am locking for the new Water cooling. But I dosen t know what I use. CPU only ? or CPU and GPU ? <-- For this I must invest 50 € more for the card beacause the warranty... and 50 € more for the Water cooling. So I must thing what I do. Later !!! Why ? here is it now 2,07 am and I go sleep now.

    edit; I use the other Forum for pics. But ther I write the pics depreciations in German and english. So you can see what I mean there.

    And Update the Water cooling is ready for order. Aquatuning

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    Projekt Aurora

    Ok I am back,

    Today I start with the window. This window is only the main window. Under this come later smaler windows for the AGB of the Water cooling. And more smaler windows for the light.

    I make the window with a Jigsaw. In the Link you can see the pics.

    the first one is the Acrylic glass and the left sidepart.

    pic 2 show it again.

    pic 3 show you the sidepart without the mesh

    pic 4 is a ltle disaster from the other tools

    pic 5 is my workplace

    pic 6 are the best tool for build a window

    pic 7 are the ready sidepart without Acrylic glass

    pic 8 show you the sidepart without Acrylic glass in the case.

    pic 9 is the ready window in the case.

    pic 10 show the corners of the window.

    Why is ther much more write ?
    I discribt ther how I build the Window in the sidepart. But I think each person here know how it to build I think.

    If this not corect write it and I post the completly letter. Picture side

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    Projekt Aurora


    In the pic tread is a Problem with the pics so you can t see all pics. I am locking for a other solution.

    Toda i will the power supply cover and the Graphigcards brackets paint in black. pics are coming todday to.

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    Projekt Aurora

    Ok the pics are online off the in the ,, pics Forum " I paint the Graphigcards brackets in black and I build the power supply cover. And what I should Say ? I find it looks greate.

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    Projekt Aurora

    Today i have modd the HDD. Or better there place in the Case. The Pics ar ther in the Link Pic Forum

    The Place of the HDD is better now. You can t see the HDD no more.

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    Projekt Aurora

    Ok today I order my new Graphiccard. This is a EVGA 470 GTX. And the Stelthmod is ready and work very good. Next week I build the Wakü into the case.

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