A big thank you to Aquatuning and Phobya
Danger Den
Crucial Memory

As my project "Intel Ice" is coming to a close, I began designing my newest Project. "Fire & Ice" And wanted to share the vision with you.

This is the first time i used google scetchup instead of drawing it out on paper. I am quite impressed. how easy it was to use. You can make a PC case in a matter of minutes. It is a very good tool to figure out measurements of the projects . It is hard to show The texture & lighting of the plastic resin base, but i have included a picture.

The concept is Simple, Fire on top of Ice. Using some creative lighting as well some light airbrushing to create a awesome effect.

The hardware:

Intel i7 980x
EVGA 3 way Classified
Crucial Ballstix Tracer Memory red led
EVGA GTX 480 * 3
Aquatuning and Phobya: Rads, pumps, tubing fans. and many many more water cooling components.
Danger Den GTX 480 Waterblocks & Cpu Block
Sony Blue-ray Player
Lamptron Fan contoller
3 Digital temps display
Plexi-Glass Black & clear
Plastic resin 4 Gallons
Frozen Q 400mm Rez