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Thread: What is this port called???

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    What is this port called???

    Hey guys,

    I've been continually modding little by little my desktop for about a year now and I'm about to add water cooling to the mix; however, I am looking to find what those small holes on the back of some cases are called with the plastic guards... usually used for watercooling pipes and/or random cables.

    I'm just looking for a name, but if anyone knows where I can buy a couple, that would be even better! : D

    Here's a pic. They're right at the top:

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    What is this port called???

    They are access holes for routing water cooling lines when using an externally mounted radiator.

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    What is this port called???

    Well, you will probably have to drill you own if your case does not have them. Basically there just holes for the tubing (Like Tazz said water cooling access holes) usually from 1/4" to 1/2" with rubber grommets for the tubing.

    Here is a link that will have some grommets, FrozenCPU

    I am sure you can find them in other places as well. Good luck.

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    What is this port called???

    Maybe look here...

    Are you in the US?

    What case is that?

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    What is this port called???

    Looks an NZXT... Maybe the m59?

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