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Thread: Custom size mousepads?

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    Custom size mousepads?

    Does anyone know of any UK (or US companies that will ship to UK for a reasonable rate) based companies that will cut any size (within reason of course..) or shape mousepads?

    I want to clean my gaming area up a bit, and thought this would look good. I am after 120cm by 50cm of hard surface mousepad in a dark green/black colour.

    Have fun all,

    P.S. There's no such thing as overkill, in gaming gear!!

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    Custom size mousepads?

    Not off the top of my head, but the colors you are asking for sound close to Razer colors.

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    Custom size mousepads?

    They are, but Razer dont do the size I want.

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    Custom size mousepads?

    If you want smaller you could always cut a razer pad but if you're looking for larger, you may have to DIY it. I assume you're looking for a gaming type mousepad?

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    Custom size mousepads?

    Yup, I found one though now

    Ordered, and waiting delivery!!

    Thanks guys,

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    Custom size mousepads?

    Wow that's more like a baby blanket size lol. Glad you found it brit.

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