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Thread: USB repair after disection

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    USB repair after disection

    Ok, I was modding a usb cable to attach to a device that previously had a usb cord, but was damaged. is there a way to identify which cable from the device is supposed to transmit what (+5v, grnd, data, data)? Also how would I be able to tell which data was which? More over if it came to it and I had to guess which data was which would it damage the device if I was wrong? Thanks for the help in advance...

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    USB repair after disection

    Depending on the device, it might say where the cables are connected to the board. But generally, black is ground, red is 5+ volt, white is data -, and green is data +. If they're different colored and you can see which contact point the cables connect to, then with the opening at the top and with it facing you...far right is one (5+ volt), middle right is two (data -), middle left is three (data +) and far left is four (ground). Hopefully that helps, if

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    USB repair after disection

    Ok, that will help I think... The cable was damaged on the part that has the extra rubber protection to keep it from bending too far and wrecking the cable so I'll probably have to open the device anyway.

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    USB repair after disection

    If it's just the cable itself, you could just cut out the area in question then get a bit of wire and connect the wires appropriately and electric tape over it, in-case you can't figure out what wire is for what.

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