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Thread: Mods by slipperyskip

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    Mods by slipperyskip

    Some nice work there slipperyskip. Just as well ask, got any links to worklogs on any of them?

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    Mods by slipperyskip

    slipperyskip nice craftsmanship and great looking mods.

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    Mods by slipperyskip

    Thanks guys!

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    Mods by slipperyskip

    Welcome to M-I slipperyskip, I've seen and admired your great work before and am glad to have you here

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    Mods by slipperyskip

    Hey just saw that mic in Maximum PC. Great work. Always liked your stuff a lot.

    So which one do you use as your gaming PC?

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    Mods by slipperyskip

    WOW Great Stuff!

    I have looked at you site before and enjoyed looking at your mods. I am glad that we got a micro/nano board guy signed up in the forums as I am sure there will be lots of question for you. I have have tiny MB from VIA and got a few idea, but I am unsure about the tiny PSU they have for them on how well they work and etc.

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

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    Mods by slipperyskip

    That's X800 Pro is a Great card. I have the exact same one in my UTMod. OC's great.

    I think Tazz is the only one here competing in that with his Twisted Case.

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