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Thread: Walking Dead Trailer Footage

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    Walking Dead Trailer Footage

    "Some naughty person went into The Walking Dead trailer screening at Comic Con, recorded it and uploaded the footage onto Youtube.

    Of course this is highly contentious and just not cricket and we expect it’ll be taken down faster than a speeding bullet when the lawyer-hounds get a sniff of it and start barking like junkyard dogs: so hurry the Sam Hill up if you want to feast your eyes upon it!"

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    Walking Dead Trailer Footage

    He he he I beat the lawyers for once, thanks Fluffy! This looks like a much better script than the typical shoot em up zombie movies. An actually involved story build up before the blood and mayhem starts.
    And what a sniper's dream come true ! Endless target practice, all day everyday.

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    Walking Dead Trailer Footage

    except for when they discover where the bullets are coming from. Better use that suppressed rifle real quick and have a few fall back locations. :P

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    Walking Dead Trailer Footage

    Your welcome guys!

    As I've said in a previous post, fan logic id "The Walking Dead" refers to the survivors, NOT the zombies!

    Murders, rapes, savagery, infanticide are just a few things our band of folks have to deal with, as well as the majority of the world wanting to eat them!

    You can check out the comics covers here:

    You'll notice the focus are on the people trying to cope with the end of law and order, etc..

    I STRONGLY recommend anyone interested in a truly riveting story (as well as zombies :wink: ) pick up this comic ... you won't be disappointed! :mrgreen:

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    Walking Dead Trailer Footage


    You can read Issue #1 , FREE online here! Enjoy!

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    Walking Dead Trailer Footage

    Just found out that it won the prestigious Eisner Award for best continuing series!

    This means of ALL comics/graphic novels published, "The Walking Dead" was considered BEST for a "Continuing Series."

    Quite a feat for a comic that only has 73 issues, no?

    Check it out if you can, you won't be disappointed!

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    Walking Dead Trailer Footage

    This show is great and season 2 is coming soon. There are videos now that show the filming of season 2.

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    Walking Dead Trailer Footage

    I can't wait for Season 2. I purchased Season 1 on BluRay and look forward to adding to my collection. This is about one of the only shows I even bother watching on TV anymore. The rest are so ridiculous and boring it's pathetic. To say nothing of the fake reality shows which are incredibly horrible.

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