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Thread: work in progress .

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    work in progress .

    Well i started this mod a few months ago . ( thats why its not right from the start ) . well i figured this be a great place to show it . so if any of you hav any idears or suggestions i am Open to them ... what inspired me to do this mod was My Pops since him and the whole family are into pyramids i decided , lets see if i can build one . i build most of the case out of old ( bout 5-6 yr old ) 2x4's and 2x10's we had out in the backyard . so with a lil bit a patience , lots of time cutting / sanding ( more sanding then cutting ) and Loads of Paint , this is what i came up with ...

    this is the back end of the case the large square hole is where the psu is goin . ( i do have the back side of the case built and painted , but it was outside drying )

    heres a front shot of the case near my case with the panals with leds lit up ( i needed my case for a power soarce ( thats case is a totally different story there LOL )

    heres a lo light shot of the case to just to show how the panals light up ( i chose a soft glow of light over the bright glow )

    the out sdie is staying the high glossy look while the inside remains the Flat Black ( personally i think it softens the look of the inside of the case )

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    work in progress .

    Great start on the mod.

    Maybe use some dark color plexi on the top half and then back light?

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    work in progress .

    i plan using somthing similar to that idea but use a 70-80% tinting on the inside of the panals i may go darker . the interior of the case wil be lit up with Led fans ( blue ) but if that dont work out i may just use your idea

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    work in progress .

    Great start so far. From what I've heard about pyramids then this will be a powerhouse of a computer. Is that true? Hope to see more of it as you go along. Keep up the good work and remember we love seeing and hearing about your mods. Happy Modding. :idea:

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    work in progress .

    Raptor great start and I must add another unusual mod but looking forward to seeing it come to life and the finished result.

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    work in progress .

    Great work, I like the fact that your using things around the house to build it. I have many times looked around the house and wondered what I could put a computer into. Then my wife says "Oh no ya don't" . But anyways good work so far don't make use wait to long for a update.

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    work in progress .

    Well heres another small update on my current project ( i have done a lil bit more but my camera started acting up ) i got all panals cut out and i decided to paint the edges black on em .

    i will add more later on today .

    i just found out if i run media player 10 while downloading pictures i can extract them , but if i dont run MP10 it gives me an error Odd ....

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    work in progress .

    I finally gotten the switches i needed for this mod . so i am now in the final stages of finishing it ....

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    work in progress .

    Looking good, I like the shading at the corners. Keep it up, it is looking sweet. Happy Modding.

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