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Thread: Work Log ?

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    Work Log ?

    I wanted to get everyone's opinion on what they feel is the best way to make a work log. I know everyone here has been doing modding for a long time so I thought who better to ask.

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    Work Log ?

    First look at all the work logs here in the work log section.

    I do mine in this quick and simple order.

    1-Find a image host that allows you to post into forums. (luckily I have the site to host mine)

    2- Start a topic and explain what you want to do and show some ideas, sketches, or what ever you can.

    3- Take LOTS of images of the stuff you are doing because they do not always come out perfect the first time.

    4- Upload you images to the image host

    5- Start posting your images in the order of building the case and explain some of what you are doing and encourage others to input thoughts and such.

    There are other stuff I do such as resize and add a logo but you do not have to so that.

    I bet others have suggestions on what they do.

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    Work Log ?

    Thanks for responding! That is a great start for me. I wonder what other modders do for their work logs too.

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    Work Log ?

    I agree with AmericanFreak.

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    Work Log ?

    I agree too. I just wish I could draw out what I want to do with out it looking like something my 3 year old did.

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    Work Log ?

    I agree too. I just wish I could draw out what I want to do with out it looking like something my 3 year old did.
    I'm with you on that one..

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    Work Log ?

    For the few that I've done so far I pretty much follow the same format as AF. My mods are mid-level to basic at best but I always strive to add in one new idea or concept that will give the build an identity. From it I learn new practices or techniques that will make my next build that much better. I always get affirmation from the modders on here that helps me and pushes me to strive for more. Being a part of a community affords you the collective brilliance that exists from those who are more experienced in different areas and is absolutely valuable and necessary.

    1) Explain a little about the build, who, how and why. Give it a personality.

    2) Figure out what the theme will be (if there is one).

    2) Locate an image sourcing host to post photos to.

    3) Gather up the parts that are immediately needed I.E. Case, Motherboard, Processor, GPU, PSU, RAM.

    4) Begin to build and post photos of the work in progress.

    5) Add in parts and ideas that seem relevant. (Lights, components, etc.)

    6) Try to finish the build within a reasonable amount of time.

    7) Post the end results and talk a little about the process.

    8) Wait for the critiques and ideas that fellow modders put forth (I always enjoy this part the most).

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    Work Log ?

    I agree about the point about finishing a build in a reasonable amount of time. Although I am tackling my first "Low Level" Mod I will call it. It will seem to take for ever, with pennies a nickels going else where.
    As with everyone. Family comes first. As it will always be with me. So maybe modding is a single mans game. I just can't help but love the community, the art work, and the craftsmanship of it all. So my projects will take up to a year to complete but I hope to do it as well as I can.

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    Work Log ?

    DareD, the amount of time that is reasonable is decided upon by you! I'm laid off from work right now and single so I have a wealth of time on my hands, although I do seem to get busier when there is no work

    You have to decide what's realistic for you in a given time frame given your living situation. If you're married, have kids, etc., I think it's reasonable to expect it's going to take you longer because you have more duties and responsibilities. It doesn't mean you can't mod lol. I've got some limitations of my own in a few ways and the least amount of time I'm willing to give myself is 3-4 months. A more realistic expectation though would be 6-8 months as a minimum! I don't have the same set of skills or experience or equipment as say AmericanFreak, Tazz, Xcal or some of the others, so it's going to take me a lot longer to even hope to achieve what they have in terms of builds but I'm not giving up either. Their work is what pushes me to excel and nothing exceeds like excess .
    Each build is a learning experience and each worklog shows it.
    If you look at some of the really early worklogs it's amazing to see how far some have come in the way of experience through OJT (on the job training). I know some (locally) who have taken years to build a system which when they were finished seemed almost outdated in some respect but when it's your own build it has special meaning. It's a part of you.
    If you're going to try and play "keep up with the Jones's" then modding is going to be a never ending source of frustration for you. If however, you're willing to push yourself a little out of your comfort zone and create a work of individual art like no other, then modding is absolutely for you! Each and every mod is unique and creative!
    I look at some of the work these guys do and I am honestly overwhelmed with amazement sometimes for the little details that they add or create. The larger overall build is something to behold but it's those little tiny details that really float my boat so to speak. And no matter what I am always learning off of EVERYONE'S builds!

    If it takes you a year, or a year and a half, so be it! We all have something to contribute so I would ask that for my sake of Hunger of Knowledge, please build it!

    The satisfaction of the end build is a hell of a rush too !

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    Work Log ?

    Thanks for the pep-talk sh4rkbyt3. I wasn't complaining. One year is what it will take. Than that is what it takes. I look forward to every moment I get to do it and plan on learning along the way.
    Your thoughts are exactly what I love about a community. Someone who is willing to share and help other grow and be inspired. That is why I am here as a modder.

    Thanks again!

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