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Thread: Handy Sites for DIY products and services

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    Handy Sites for DIY products and services

    Well wanted to share this collection of handy sites that Americanfreak helped me find, in case some of you have been having the need for these services or products for your own mods.

    First off, for those who have been wanting to find a place to do laser engraving on their project, from logos on your case windows (Cool lighting effects) To textured logos on pretty much any other surface, try out Directron Apparently it only costs $20, and they are pretty open to working with you on getting it done right.

    Another website I found for resources you would use in a custom case build is Delvies Plastics which sell panels of acrylic, both fully transparent, solid, and even Fluorescent, which i think is UV sensitive. They offer many other plastics related products, but I think what they offer that would be most used by us here is their clear acrylic panels, great for custom window mods.

    This next one I am proud of. I was actually trying to find this to replace the pistons used for opening the top and side doors on the Thermaltake SwordM case, so that I could open and close the panels electronically, wired to the power supply and some likely three way switches. Dont understand enough about robotics to know how to wire it yet, but will worry about that once I get there.

    For your robtic, animated, lifting moving needs, anything PC modding wise, check out Robot Shop and their mini actuators, which are great for computer mod projects, or anything that size.

    Quick short version:

    Laser Engraving: Directron

    Plastics For Modding/Windows: Delvies Plastics

    Linear Actuators(Lift) : Robot Shop

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    Handy Sites for DIY products and services

    thank you for the info Shodan

    may I also direct you to our Resource Database if you have not been there ...

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